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Tesla Cargo Van


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Apr 2, 2018
Tesla Cargo Van render based off Semi. Quick dirty Photoshop.
Tesla Cargo Van.png
Well, I really hope they will make a proper van soon. I already know people that like to buy it and it's about the only vehicle that will continue to be sold stabily after autopilot will exist.
This because all electricians, plumbers, builders and name it, will continue to need their tools inside their cars when they have to work at someone else his home. It's not like their car can drive of as soon as they arrived (like a taxi) which is the case to most people their jobs.
All the current electric vans out there are not able to pull a trailer, or drive on the motorway for over two hours and neither can they supercharge, or recharge the drilling machine while driving or anything like that (while it is possible to convert 360 volt DC to 230 volt AC (or whatever voltage and hertz is used in your area from the wall outlet.
That looks good.

I think it depends the job the driver is in. It would be good for delivery, florist or a tradesmen who specifies in a particular job such as plastering or being an electrician who doesn't have many tools compared to a contractor. In fact contractor Tom Silva from this old house uses a trailer.
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