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Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter - Comparison of Just a Few Possible Storage Options

Any updates on these or other reviews? For me the original Harumio case looks the best for the CCS1 adapter by itself.

I still have one of the original Harumio cases. Indentation just for the CCS1 adapter, but the J1772 adapter will fit in it too, I believe. (I even have one of the mysterious Harumio foam pads to go with it.)

I am probably keeping the "SEXY" case (unless someone wants to offer a weasel-butt-load of $$$), just because it was so expensive ($45) at the time. But the original Harumio case (were they $25?) is still available to someone who wants it. (Sacramento-SF area. Hopefully no shipping needed?)

I also have the excellent Harbor Freight Apache case (are they still available from HF?) and a couple of others knocking around. (See OP.) All the cases work, fine. The padded, insulated soft-coolers are nice.

I think that the major consideration is how often you will use the adapter. If a lot (e.g., every day or often) you may want an inexpensive holder (left over Tupperware container, Crown Royal bag, Zip-lock bag, etc.) that doesn't have a zipper (that can wear out). Something disposable and easy to access in the cockpit but that will keep the adapter from getting all scratched up.

The (nicer) zippered cases are imo for people ( many of us) who will keep the adapter stowed away in a trunk space--only occasional use, if any.

Apache Small Gun Case - 1.jpg
Harumio Case - 2.jpg

3. Weyoung Insulated (eBay) Cooler.jpg
you can still get the harumio case - Tesla Model 3/Y SEXY BAG CCS Combo 1 Adapter Case
a bit pricey by itself but I like it when I bundled it with the adapter.

It shows sold out. Hopefully Harumio can shift to selling more of these. Looks like a great case.

You can find it on a Korean site, but Harumio wants $60 to special order one. I'm guessing there will be some on Amazon soon with the introduction of the adapter in the US.

I think I will use my Uniden Radar detector case for the adapters..
Definitely not the best looking solution, but found a couple plastic containers at home that I'll use to store my adapters for now, at least until I can find a better solution. Not bad for less than $2! 😂

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Actually went and got one of the Daiso Box 6 as well, it works and fits good and is compact unlike some of the other options. Only downside is the clasp is kind of flimsy.