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Tesla Convertible conversion

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Not a fan. I love convertibles; I've had my share of Porsche and Mercedes convertibles. Always liked the look of the BMW 6-series convertible.

But this looks like damage to a work of art. Not to mention the damage to the aerodynamics. And to the rear window/trunk area. Yikes.
It's small consolation, but to my pre-stick-poked-in-them eyes, that LX570 that they also turned into a convertible (keep scrolling the pix) looks even worse - you could confuse it for a Juke.
Yuck. The back is the worst. I can't say I could have done any better - I just don't think the MS profile lends itself to being a convertible. I really hate the way they truncated the curve of the trunk and put in that chintzy brake light. We lose that nice set of brake lights on the top of the back window, and the whole thing... it just aint right :(