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Tesla Coupe

a model 3 coupe would be ok but I would prefer a model S like coupe. I really haven't a need, and I imagine I am not alone, for a sedan. a sportier luxury sedan could draw some new interest from people.
A coupe that big doesn't serve a ton of purpose, and as such sells very slowly. Mercedes is the only company that makes a coupe version of their big sedan, and it sells at a tiny fraction of what the S-class sells at. Might see it someday, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Me too. My complaints about the model S are few: It's too wide, the B pillar is too far forward, the visibility in the blind spots are terrible, the tire sidewalls are way too low, and it's too ostentatious. A coupe version of the model S wouldn't necessarily change the width, but it'd move the B pillars back and make it easier for tall people to get in and out. It'd get the driver's side B pillar out of my line of sight. I rarely have more than a single passenger and those rare times that I do, (4 times so far in 7500 miles) folding the front seat forward to let them in won't be a problem.

(the big wheel low sidewall craze is about fashion, not performance. it allows a slightly bigger brake disk, but the tesla has regenerative braking--no need for the extra cooling. It's got plenty of grip. They have slightly lower unsprung weight, but only slightly. They might have slightly less roll in the corners, but so slightly that formula I doesn't bother: they go for the extra traction that they get from having a more compliant, higher sidewall tire that spends more time in contact with the pavement, and extra weight is worth it to them. And they expose the rims to a lot more things that might damage them)

Really, I'm hoping the model III comes in a two door version. I don't care if it looks fast...although it sure is fun that it is. I'd prefer a stealthy fast car. For some reason, most of the carmakers have dropped their two door models. I understand this if they think most of their customers are 25-45 and have kids, but nearly all the Model S owners I know are boomers--the kids are in college or are having kids of their own. The S would have been the better choice for a 2 door, but maybe they didn't want to get into that sort of variation on the assembly line. The first variant, the X is a bus. A step in the wrong direction for me, and most boomers, I think. I might buy a van (e.g. class B motorhome) or a truck, but not a people-only mover.