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Tesla Crashed My New P3D 1 Hour Before Delivery Today...

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Today, after much fanfare and excitement, was supposed to be the day that I picked up my Tesla Model 3 AWD Dual Motor Performance Car. I had been saving up for so long to make this purchase, and I was finally able to save up enough in time to meet the deadline for the 2 years of free supercharging promotion which ends September 30th. On top of that, I was lucky enough to place a reserve on the last White P3D in stock. After placing my deposit, I eagerly awaited delivery.

Unfortunately, today I got a call from Tesla in Fremont CA stating that they had had an incident with my vehicle, and that a collision with an object had damaged my car. I was devastated. They told me that there was nothing they could do with regards to getting me a replacement, because there is no more white in stock, but worst of all, they told me that they would not be able to honor the free 2 years of supercharger promotion, even if I waited until they found me a replacement.

I'm hoping that there is somebody in Corporate or Executive at Tesla who can make this right. I put down my deposit, was ready with check in hand to purchase the car of my dreams, and Tesla crashed my car. I don't mind waiting a little longer now, but I would really appreciate if Tesla could at least extend the 2 years free supercharging promotion for me, or at least do something to make this right.

I also sent a tweet to @elon musk here:

Happyluckbox on Twitter
Wow, That's awful. Sorry! Question, does your order agreement show the 2 years of free supercharging? If so, they are bound by that agreement as it's legally binding. I ran into a similar issue with my X order (had to reject the car yesterday), but in my case, the order agreement shows free unlimited supercharging. Not sure if they modified the 3 order agreements to reflect the promotion?
So sorry!!! That really sucks! I get the not negotiating, but when mistakes are made that waste peoples' time and money - people who want to give it to the company, and people who will tell others about their great (or bad) experience - it would nice for the company to put forth some effort to make it right.

I also lost out last night when I found out that the new white/black LR RWD that I was to receive today had previously been in a significant wreck as a demo and had been delivered to Seattle and prepped for today. I had let go of another LR RWD with a price discount and two comps to go with the white. Both had the free 2yr supercharging, which I've now lost (though that's the least of it all).

So, yeah - feel your pain.

I'm told it's worth it. Let us know what happens!
So let's do some math. Last time I Supercharged my car, I went from 11% to 90%, and it cost me about $19. So, assuming I get 250 miles for that much charge (I have a LR RWD), cost per mile was about 8c. Assume in the 2 years i drive 24,000 miles. Assume I use the Supercharger 20% of the time (I do way less than that, but hang with me here). With all of these assumptions, 2 years free Supercharging is worth......wait for it......$365. Is that worth getting all that worked up about? Especially since you're spending upwards of $60K or more on the car?

Some things just aren't worth worrying about.

PS - by the way, did the math real quick, so if I made a mistake, please set me straight.

If it makes anyone feel better I did pick up my car on September 30 and for no reason at all my account has never reflected the free supercharging. I have spoken with multiple people in service, delivery, and sales and nobody is being helpful. They all say they can't fix it themselves and are still waiting for someone else to take care of it. It's not about the money so much as the crappy feeling it leaves me with.