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Hi there Tesla Motors Club,

For my Master's program, I'm researching the perception of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. I noticed many people have mixed feelings about the Tesla consumption graph. I was inspired by Tesla drivers' frustrations with the consumption metric display so I decided to understand how drivers prefer energy to be communicated to them.

If you have 5-10 minutes I would love to include your perspective in my survey!


Thank you in advance!


Kia Pourmodheji
I don’t think many folks have issue with consumption graph. It generally works pretty good. But it does lack factoring in weather.

One huge thing missing that done other EV’s do offer (to some extent) is break out consumption sources. Like how much is the HVAC vs Drive train using. It would also be nice to measure / track consumption of sources when parked like preconditioning, sentry, smart summon. So you can get the full picture. All Tesla offers is total consumption while moving (past and predicted). I think the full picture would not be pretty which is why they currently do not offer it.
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