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Tesla Energy [install unable to proceed due to lack of site survey]

Hi all, just a buyer beware story.

I already have a 5 kWH system from Solar City, now Tesla. Since I'm in an area where we have shutoff's during fire season I decided to add more solar and three power walls to my home. I submitted an order and waited. During this time I was pushed information from Tesla Energy but when I had questions I couldn't get anyone on the phone or to respond to my email. A date was scheduled for installation, clearly at their convenience not mine but decided to go ahead. That said prior to the install I sent email to the 'project manager' telling them that we may or may not be able to proceed since there had been no site inspection.

Flash forward and the crew shows up - total pros, nice, clearly competent and wanting to go to work. I explained my situation and they shook their heads and said they get that a lot. So the power wall install shows up and it turns out they can't install the power walls because they need a low voltage run from my electric main which runs parallel to the gas line. That was not one of the concerns that I had about the install, everything that I was concerned about they could handle but they couldn't overcome the issue with the utility on site so they left.

It's crazy making, how much would a pre-inspection have cost vs. having 8 guys show up that can't work. The project advisors should be ashamed of themselves and I'l seriously annoyed. I wouldn't go with them moving forward if I didn't already have a system through them but buyer beware.

I hope this helps someone out who's thinking about hiring them, I'd stay away.
I had the site survey, been over 1.5 months, still have not received the details. Sent emails, no replies. I was assigned a new project adviser, I thought this would help, but this one is actually worse then the last. I called in to see the status, all they could say is it was in review, I guess they have some issue with the roof. When I asked for details, said I would have to wait until after the review process. So after about 2.5 months, have made virtually no progress. I will likely start calling other installers next week. The lack of communication is laughable... I knew going Tesla would be slow, but this is much worse then I expected. I don't mind jumping through some hoops to save money, but this is horrible.