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Tesla finally meets it match in Australia, or does it?

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I read that same post earlier today and thought I would post on here as soon as I got a chance. You beat me too it. The P85D Insane is an amazing vehicle and I'm sure the P90D Ludicrous is even better. I'd happily have a $140k car vs. a $1,000k car!
I was really surprised when the Tesla easily beat the race car. You'd think they would have their traction issues figured out. In the video I think he only switches the Tesla to Insane Mode, right?, so this is not even the most recent update. I really figured the MS was toast. Wow what a great piece of engineering.
It was a race car, not a dragster. Longer race and it would have won for sure. The Tesla gets to high speeds incredibly quickly, but the top speed isn't as high as a race car, nor is the high speed endurance. That's OK though, Tesla has never claimed that this is a track car, and in real life driving, getting up to passing speed quickly is important, long duration runs at twice the speed limit are not.
You are so right about them using a race car incorrectly as a dragster. Probably not the best use of that car. I don't think I want to see a 5000 pound Tesla in a four wheel drift on a gymkhana or autocross track any time soon. Nor do I want to see the remains of the set of tires. I'm surprised the ICE competition is content to get beaten up on a dragstrip and hasn't challenged us with a twisty track. Are there any videos of Teslas in a series of chicanes?
I've seen video of a Tesla doing autocross, it was pretty amazing actually.
I think a Tesla would rally pretty well too, but only if they could do battery swaps at service.

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It was a 4-door 2.5 ton 5+2 seater highly-fuel-efficient family-toting sedan, not a dragster.

Oh, I thought we were talking about the car that's supposed to have the disadvantage here.
That's partially my point, the tesla is not a race car, Tesla has never claimed it is. I was responding to the person saying the race car should have been faster, it wasn't because it wasn't designed for this, neither was the tesla. Both are amazing cars, but neither was in it's true element.