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Tesla hearing aid

As a hearing impaired person and a Tesla Model S owner, I humbly submit Tesla should make hearing aids. The following are the reasons:
1. There is money in it. Modern hearing aids cost a fortune; weight by weight, they could be more pricy than gold.
2. There is a void of new technology. Current hearing aids, do not distinguish between sounds nearer and afar. Do not automatically correct for frequency variations, Do not adjust volume automatically for nearby speakers and distant sounds. In fact, most don't even have a volume control!
3. Terrible battery life! Most don't last for a week. Cumbersome to change batteries.
4. At the mercy of audiologists who hardly spend 30 minutes with you to "help" you make life long hearing decisions.
5. Average customer don't even know which frequency one normally hears.
6. terribly shaped and often hurt rather than help wearers. Many are unsuitable even for an hour's wear as they sit on your ear and make you feel uncomfortable.
7. It gets worse when you wear an eye glass or when you don't have hair (I am bald!)
8. Very few color choices.
9. Poorly designed and they stay in the ear because a thin plastic tube positions it in the ear.
10. Require considerable maintenance and cleaning.

Tesla products are clean, good, aesthetically pleasing, good battery life, and well engineered (except their navigation system!). Tesla could make a ton of money considering how many deaf people are in the world! It will also get Tesla into biomedical engineering field.
Absolutely agree! The better hearing aids are $4-5K per ear,last maybe three years, and aren't covered by insurance unless it's for on the job hearing injuries. I can say "mou ichido onegai shimasu" quite a few times for $10K.
I've often wondered why hearing aids even needed to be a prescription device? It seems that making them prescription only does little more than drive up the price. While not the same thing, one can buy rather advanced audiological equipment labeled as hunting or bird watching equipment for much less money, comparatively, than a hearing aid.

Same with a CPAP. Why must they be prescription only? The biggest danger with a CPAP is not is misusing it but in failing to recognize that one has sleep apnea in the first place and therefore doing nothing about it. There's very little risk of a person who thinks he has sleep apnea going to the store, spending $150 for a CPAP and giving it a try to see if he sleeps better. Now, though, one can only get such a device after a multi thousand dollar sleep study and then they cost thousands of dollars for the device. And still, all of the consumables like air filters and replacement hoses and mask parts are prescription only, too, which makes them more expensive. And most physicians won't even provide a prescription for a replacement supplies if they haven't examined you in the past 12 months. So, an air filter for a CPAP that should cost $1.00 now costs $200 with the cost of the annual exam. "But we must have an annual exam to make sure the device is working properly!" Yeah, like a person's perceived quality of sleep or the numerical apnea index score that the machine displays EVERY DAY isn't sufficient oversight?

The money I've seen relatives spend on hearing aids and CPAP treatment alone makes me see red.
1. You are not allowed to sell used hearing aids! (Why not?)
2. There is very little justification for the price.
3. Most of them are ridiculous miniature amplifiers!
4. They are poor "headphones". If you pair one with iPhone, every program is picked up by the hearing aid!
5. Most hearing aid ads are deceptive. I have never seen a product with such pathetic battery lives!
6. Except for one or two models, you can't charge the battery or use rechargeable battery!
7. Audiologists are running a scam with hearing aid manufacturers. has anyone passed a hearing test? They will make you believe that you don't hear 50000Hz frequency and you need one (most often two) hearing aids.
8. Most websites on hearing forums are controlled/patrolled by manufacturers. They would make you believe that without a hearing aid your life is doomed.
9. They would like you to wear the hearing aid 7/24 so that they could sell more batteries.
10. I took an online hearing test from a famous web site without and with my latest $5000 hearing aid. The results were the same! On both, it said that I have mild to moderate hearing loss!