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Blog Tesla Horn to Get Custom Sounds – Goats, Farts, Coconuts

Nothing says get out of the way like the sound of farts and goats. 

Soon, Tesla owners will be able to choose from a silly batch of sounds as their car horn and low-speed noisemaker. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk announced the upcoming feature on Twitter. 

In addition to farts and goats, Musk said coconuts will also be a choice – a nod to Musk’s Monty Python fandom. But, those sounds are “just the tip of the iceberg,” he said. 

In 2018, Tesla introduced a “Toilet Humor” app as an Easter Egg. It’s activated by tapping a whoopee cushion icon labeled “Emissions Testing Mode,” which gives Tesla owners the option for “Fart on Demand” and “Fart on Turn Signal.”

Tesla started last month also adding pedestrian sounds to Model 3 to comply with a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulation that requires that all electric vehicles emit artificial noise at low speeds by September 2020.

Musk didn’t give an exact date on when to expect the noisemakers.

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Well, they could be carried by Sparrows.

Sparrows can’t carry coconuts. Now swallows are a different matter. Obviously your basic European model swallow doesn’t have the wing speed, and the African swallow is marginal, but your Arabian model in the Roc trim is actually man-capable and wouldn’t find coconuts a problem. As long as they were in a bag. Though not a plastic bag....
And while this kind of nonsense is being added, the hands-free phone calling feature is still hovering in the 1990's and you have to take your eyes off the road to find the tiny icon that [fill in the blank for a given function]. I love driving my Model S, but am madder than a hornet at the missing software upgrades that are meaningful while all this happy horsepucky is announced with great glee.