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Aug 10, 2019
San Diego
I made a thread a few weeks ago about my Model 3 burning down in an arson fire. I'm having a difficult time with the adjuster and would appreciate some insight, advice or opinions. I apologize in advance, its a long read. I didn't know where to put this thread, so mods move accordingly.

It's been 30 days and they finally got to an evaluation offer. Tesla Insurance farms the adjustment process out to a 3rd party company, and while the Tesla Insurance side has been amazing, the farmed out company has been the absolute worst, scummy as hell. Every step of the process has been like pulling teeth and unnecessarily long.

It was a total loss determined on day 1, it burned to the ground to just the bare frame. I had my initial recorded interview and statement of facts put on record with her on the 4th or 5th. I asked several times if I needed to submit any documents, pictures or video. She said no, not at this time, I will ask you for it when the times comes. The adjuster did not get back to me for 2 weeks after this and then said "yea I can't get a hold of any of the police or reports or anything, can you do it? its probably gonna to be a total loss though" - So after radio silence for 2 weeks, I scramble to find the information she could not obtain, in a 1 minute google search. Called the local police and got the info I needed to get the records (Mail a check with $12 with your info so they can mail them back) So I did all that. I then inquired about various things over this month, like what's covered and whats not. She told me nothing outside of the car is covered. When I looked it up, I found my policy covered up to $1000 of specific items and upgrades to the car and interior, which cover a lot of the things I purchased. She did not believe me so she asked me for a copy of my insurance policy, which shocked me because I would think in week 3, she would have a copy of my insurance policy to do her job and determine things based on my policy values?

I submitted pictures of my receipts of said items and she's arguing and fighting every single one, when its clearly outlined in the policy, but terms are based on ICE cars/vague so she's saying a lot of the stuff doesn't qualify, when it really does. I've gone through and highlighted the policy and the corresponding items/receipts that match.

She also told me taxes and registration fees aren't reimbursed. I unfortunately had my registration renewed the week of my incident, and it didnt even go into effect yet. It says in my policy I'm to be reimbursed at a prorated amount and is california law, I sent her screenshots of both. Because my car was a loss before the registration date started its pro-rated @ 100% - She does not understand or get this.

She then asked me why I hadn't submitted any pictures, video, documents, anything for my records. And I told her I asked in the interview and that she told me to wait. "I can bring up the recording and review it if you want me to" So after 3 weeks of knowing its a total loss, she's wondering why/asking me submit my evidence and then being confrontational about it.

When discussing evaluation, she explained they used comps to determine evaluation price and they used Tesla.com used car inventory for said comps (comparables to determine value). So every morning I woke up and took screenshots of comparable cars to mine in my area code (M3 SR+ MSM + Sport rims, 15k miles or close to it) and sent them to my adjustor being proactive. Every time I emailed her, she responded "great, this is what we need. this is great. thank you. Ill send these over"

Every car was between $48-$50k depending on exact mileage and rims/paint. I sent her about 8 cars. Today they offered me $45k and ignoring everything we discussed prior about comps. I called Tesla Insurance side and have they have a liaison that monitors the 3rd party and can help intervene when things aren't going well or when there are complaints. I spoke to them after the 2 weeks went by and adjuster asked me to do everything that I mentioned above. The liaison got a hold of the 3rd party and they started contacted me reguarly after I complained and reported her behavior.

On top of all this Tesla Insurance gives you a 30 max for the rental car, and they give me the final decision on day 30, so I have to turn the car in. Had they done their job and made this decision earlier when it was determined a total loss, I'd have the money/check and the ability to use the rental car to get around until I got my new car.

I've requested another adjuster. What recourse or options do I have at this point if they are low balling me on the offer? Is this normal? Help.
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Jan 28, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
Unfortunately that's insurance. They will try to low ball and pay the least amount of money. You usually won't get market value but more around trade value.


Aug 10, 2019
San Diego
Good news, they came back to me and agreed with everything I submitted and upped the offer by an substanial amount. IT was a fight but in the end I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

TLDR: Telsa Insurance is still amazing, just happened to get a horrible 3rd party adjuster. Tesla Insurance intervened and backed me and agreed with the evidence I provided.
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