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Tesla insurance in switzerland

Hi guys,

will finally get delivery of my long awaited Tesla in about 2 months!
I am now looking at insurance, and trying to find the best price/protection combo.

Could you guys share what insurance you are with, what kind of premium do you pay, and main deductible?
So far, the cheapest has been Generali that seems to be offering discount for "clean" vehicules.
For a 85D and full protection and following deductible:
500chf for civil insurance
200chf for casco partielle
2000chf for casco full
parking damages unlimited + lights

insurance is approx 1900chf per year.

Thanks in advance for sharing any good tips!
Hi Max,
I'm using La Vaudoise for my 85D.
0 CHF deductible for civil insurance (40% of basis)
300 CHF deductible for collision (including parking damage & lights, 30% of basis)
Yearly cost: 1475.70 CHF.

Of course, canton, age, gender all have an influence, I guess...
Just spoke to a guy at Zurich insurance. They have made a deal with TESLA Switzerland to supply good coverage at good price insurance for our TESLAs so check them out. They have been very good to me since I bought my first TESLA some 4 years ago..... however, have to see if the new policies are a better value than I already have.......

I also pay around 1900 CHF per year for my P85D with AXA-Winthertur (which I was referred to by Tesla). The price is just 100 CHF more than what I paid for my old Mercedes B-Class, but with a better insurance coverage (Full Casco including all possible damages).
Hi Max - I do work at Baloise so I get an employee discount and am actually only paying 1'335 chf für my 85D. Here's what I would pay if I was not an employee (even though I work at Baloise I work in IT and don't sell insurance : )
- Vollkasko Package 1061.30 chf with the following added options:
- park damage: 259
- bonus protection: 129.30
- grobfahrlässigkeit (negligence): 69
- accident: 69

This would add up at around 1670.70. you can try it yourself at Autoversicherung online berechnen
For anyone who finds this thread later.. We also did a lot of research and Zurich gave the best deal. In the end, we excluded accidental insurance.
Liability insurance (with 2000 CHF deductible) is 500 (this is high because most frequent driver is from Turkey) and partial kasko is 277, so our annual premium is: 780 CHF.

I read that Tesla's own full kasko is a lot cheaper but it hasn't arrived in Switzerland yet. I wonder if that will ever happen.
Hi all,

I just ordered an S 100D from inventory which means it will be delivered in around 14 days.

I have also done some research and most of the quotes are avaraging 2.000chf (liability 0vhf, Kollision 500chf, Teilkasko 0chf, parkshaden and glass).

The only thing i am moy sure of is the grobfahrlässigkeit (negligence). Should I get that?
You totaly should get grobfahlässigkeit... If you run a redlight and crash they pay, with that option. otherwise they dont.
Just make sure you are not drunk while running the redlight :p

Make also sure that you check ZURICH insurance, its usualy the best deal for a Tesla in Switzerland, or Voudoise.
Hey guys from Switzerland.. do any of you know someone who is working for united nations (means it is exempt of VAT) and ordered a Tesla?
They don't know how to sell it to my friend from Austria. They even tried in Netherlands, but no success :(