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Tesla is in Telluride!

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May 3, 2015
New Mexico, USA
It is said that one thing that makes Tesla unusual is it supposedly does not spend money on advertising and marketing, rather relies on word of mouth. It may be somewhat true in terms of advertising, but I think the reality is they spend a lot on marketing, and are spending more.


But they're spending intelligently, seems to me. One example is the Telluride Film Festival, which is going on this weekend in Telluride, Colorado. Tesla is the "Official Automobile Partner" of this year's festival. What does that mean? Well, here's what the film festival staff are saying: "We also welcome the sleek, fast, all-electric Tesla Model S to town. A fleet will be on display and available to test drive during the festival."

I attended the festival as a patron a few years ago and one thing that struck me was the ever-presence of the "Official Automotive Partner." When I was there, it was Land Rover. They had Range Rovers all over town, acting as free taxis. They would pick you up anywhere and take you to your next screening across town (the cinemas are just barely within walking distance, but having wheels really helps because the lines are usually already formed for the next movie you wanna go to when you're just getting out of the previous movie you wanted to go to). What this means is, you can't help but associate warm fuzzies and positive thoughts about the Official Automotive Partner because they helped you get to the next weird art film that you've been dying to see and would have never made it on foot. I sure hope Tesla is doing this.

I don't have confirmation yet, but it would not surprise me if Tesla is shuttling around folks in Model S's at the show. Now, if they were really smart they'd have a few X's too. Not sure if they will. I guess we'll hear eventually.

The Telluride Film Festival is actually an ideal crowd for Tesla to market its car to. Lots of wealthy filmmakers, celebrities, studio types, media people, and attendees converge and go to 4, 5, 6 movies per day (it's a madhouse of film nuts, pushing and shoving to get the best seats). One magical thing about it is you can just be walking down the sidewalk and bump into a world-famous film star or director or TV personality or writer. Indeed, you may wind up sitting next to them in the theatre (happened to me constantly) or . . . in a Model S.

Anyway, I hope Tesla's participation generates lots of new sales.

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Tesla does not do paid advertisement or endorsements.

It does spend small amounts on marketing at festivals, art shows, premium auto shows where they usually are able to give test rides to attendees.

Relative to the ~$3500 BMW or MB spend on marketing per car sold Tesla marketing expenditure is tiny.