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New interior updates from Tesla have everyone’s heads turning. The redesigned Model S and X have more screen space, higher resolution and an airplane style steering wheel. Each vehicle from Tesla has a unique interior with sleek and modern finishes all with distinctive style. Yes, Tesla has mastered their game for stylish interiors, but the devil is in the detail and that’s where we come in.

At Tesla Shields our mission is to provide you with premium aftermarket EV accessories, to protect your investment and enhance the style of your Tesla in style without sacrificing form, function and durability.


The new car smell might fade but you can keep your Tesla’s interior factory new with the right protection. A well maintained interior keeps the resale value of your vehicle higher, and makes for a more pleasant experience while driving your own car. At Tesla Shields we have created all weather floor mats that cover 25% more interior space than our competitors to perfectly mesh with the modern interior of your Tesla.


With every interior update Tesla keeps the look of their EV vehicles fresh and modern and our team is dedicated to innovating at the same speed, bringing you premium products that complement the sleek look of the car. Tesla Shields floor mats use a logo free design on our texturized triple layer rubberized floor mats to ensure you are driving in style and comfort.


Experience is at the heart of our product design to make sure you enjoy the features of your Tesla without the worry of you or a clumsy friend spilling a coffee and spending the whole day cleaning your car’s carpet. With hassle free installation, the mats feature a no slip bottom to ensure once they’re in, they stay put. Throw on the self-drive and relax knowing that Tesla Shields custom fit mat has you covered, literally. The high reaching walls of the mat provide total interior protection and an easy to clean surface. Protect your Tesla’s floors from water, salt, sand, pets and other factors that can cause irreparable damage to your interior.


We are revolutionizing the Tesla aftermarket accessories market. New seat placement? Shift in the console size and placement? We got it. Merging tech and 3D scanning Tesla Shields creates custom molds to produce mats that will fit your car like a glove. Keeping in mind the efficiency and attitude of savvy EV drivers, all of our products are made using friendly production, non-toxic and odorless materials to meet the highest quality standards.

Experience your Tesla the way it was meant to be, clean, comfortable and completely protected!

Model 3 & Model Y available to buy now or pre-order until March 1st for $99.99.

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