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Tesla meets in Melbourne?

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The first year, I paid $100 and didn't hear from them til they wanted their second $100.
No idea how they elected or appointed their 'office bearers'.
I just will *NOT* have anything to do with that sort of organization.

Are you sure your email was working? In my first year I got several emails, with information about a discount merchandise offer, introduction of the loan adaptor program, details about co-funding of the Round Australia Charging Route (which later became the "Round Australia Electric Highway"), multiple events either held by the club or where they participated as part of a larger event. All these emails asked people to contact the committee if they had ideas or suggestions for events and activities in their area. Finally an email about the AGM including encouraging people to nominate for the committee or one of the sub-committees.

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The Mystery Drive destination was the Pine Grove Hotel in Upper Beaconsfield.
18 members and guests distributed in 10 cars (4x MS, 1x MX, 5x M3).
It was a pleasant drive out of Melbourne, through some twisties along Manestar Rd and Alber Rd in Upper Beaconsfield.
Everybody had a great time and Tesla Enthusiast and photographer Mitch digitally captured the event with some stunning shots.

(not this one - taken by me)

Upcoming TOCA (VIC) events for rest of 2109:
VIC - Geelong Revival Motoring Festival
VIC - Model 3 Boot Camp #3
VIC / SA - The Border Dash
VIC - An early morning run to Healesville

and for 2020:
VIC - Model 3 Boot Camp #4
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