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Tesla Model 3 in Australia

Moderators note:
If we are going to have a Model 3 Thread in this section it should be about local issues so I renamed the thread to Model 3 in Australia.
This is an International forum people, there is heaps of information and even more speculation in other parts of TMC including Here.
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Looks like the first Australian Model 3 pre-order gifts are arriving!

Noticed three comments in a row on the Whirlpool Forums Model 3 thread, and then mine also arrived today:
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An interesting update on the Tesla website for Model 3 holders here in Australia. The info page now displays:
"Production begins mid 2017.
Delivery estimate for new reservations is mid 2018 or later."

This was previously only written on the US version of the site - international versions just stated "Production begins in 2017"
I'd like to think them updating this again today shows they are confident of completing all current reservations including here before Mid 2018.

Some hope restored!
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I have a reservation and I've heard nothing.
This seems dubious, because Tesla has not given very much information away about even its US production timing, let alone a small, remote RHD market like Australia.
Well I got a bit more information.. my mate has 2x Model 3 reservations, a Powerwall reservation for home, has asked for Powerpack quotes for a commercial project he is involved in and has also requested a Model S test drive. Perhaps he gets a bit more attention than the rest of us :)
OK I guess he is pulling rank then :)
It still seems unlikely that whoever spoke to him really knows. That's 2 years away, and they are still building the factory. The delivery timing of one particular RHD market would surely be unknown at this stage.