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Tesla Model S P85D vs. BMW i8

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I think it's an apt comparison as much as any comparison between the Tesla and another car. At least they're both approximately close in price. It wouldn't be very fun if we could only compare the P85D to other electric vehicles with 4 doors.

I was looking at the i8 because that fit what I wanted way more than the P85D. If I had a chance to test drive one, and actually get one then I might have. I didn't get a chance, and the sales tax exemption for electric vehicles was expiring so I got a 70D instead.

I think a lot of people underestimate how many people got a Tesla MS despite the fact that the Tesla MS didn't really fit the type of car they wanted or that they normally drive. Especially when it comes to how big it really is.

The i8 is interesting because it's the first performance orientated hybrid solution that while ridiculously expensive isn't ludicrously expensive like the Porsche, or the Ferrari. The new way to build a performance orientated car is to use electric power for instant torque and then gas power for range. My round trip commute is less than 20 miles so I would have been using electric power for most of my driving needs during the week with an i8.

For me personally I like hybrid solutions. Anyway I look it I'm going to have a hybrid solution. I have a hybrid solution right now because I have the Tesla and I have a Jeep wrangler unlimited. I think it's a good combination of different types of cars, but I wouldn't have the Tesla without ICE backup due to infrastructure limitations. Like I took the Jeep out to Mount Rainer because there wasn't much in terms of charging solutions near Mount Rainer.

Sure I know they're not as PURE as 100% electric, but they get the job done. I would have looked into a Volt had it been more performance orientated.
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True, but most i8 buyers probably considered if they should buy a Tesla. Plenty of Teslas are used 99% as a one/two seater.

From personal experience, I'd have to disagree with this. The i8 starting price is something like $30k higher than the starting price of the Model S, the i8 does not have access to the Supercharger network, and its battery is teeny tiny. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if BMW made the battery as small as they could make it and still qualify as a hybrid.

So, when I was looking at the Model S, the i8 was never even an option - more expensive, no access to superchargers, tiny battery, and you still have to put gas in it? I'll pass.
Do people really cross-shop the Model S and the i8? i8 is way more expensive and has crappier performance, but has fantastic sports car looks. It's more of a showpiece garage queen, whereas the model S is your daily driver. Even if the two were the same exact price, I'd expect more Model S's on the street than i8s.
I ran into a guy with an i8 at the grocery store the other day. I asked him "why did you go with the i8 over a Tesla?" his answer... "no one has an i8.... I see Tesla's every day".... my quick and witty response... "there is probably a reason for that!".

Honestly I think that is the appeal. They are a little more futuristic looking and made by a company with a LONG history. Other than that, I don't see any appeal.