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Tesla Model S Plaid+ gets a $10,000 price increase

Basically Elon Musk did what he always does, over promise, and now they’re having a hard time delivering on those promises.
It's definitely a difficult situation. Even if Elon is over promising he never really under delivers. It just takes longer. I'm not sure what I prefer...on time but average or late and significantly above average. Obviously the ideal would be both on time and above average but we just know that's not gonna happen haha!
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I've been doing this Tesla thing since about 2012. Tesla is not like other companies but, taken as a whole, I'm not going back to the old standards. There is simply too much there there for me and much less of the traditional legacy baggage.

Is Tesla perfect? Far from it. Just remember, we are talking an 8 second family hauler. That alone sets aside any gripes I may have about moving delivery dates.

As for the price increase, it is standard Tesla practice at the start of any roll out that is in demand. When you really see it is when you go to sell and $40K of initial purchase price has evaporated because your old performance version is now the standard car. The price we pay for getting it now. It will be interesting to see how Tesla manages to devalue an 8 second car. What will be next :)