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Tesla Motors electric motor vs. YASA electric motor and what is important for EV

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by nech12, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. nech12

    nech12 New Member

    Jan 13, 2016
    Hi Guys,
    After review of several videos and electronic vehicles, I have some questions and may be you can help me with them.
    For a long time I was thinking that Tesla produce the best electric motors for e-vehicles (AC Induction). Recently I found YASA motors ( with incredible axial-flux motors. Below is a table that I created to compare Tesla motor vs. YASA motor:

    Company / MotorMotor Weight
    Peak Power
    Continuous Power
    Peak Torque
    Continuous Torque
    Max. speed
    Nominal speed
    Peak power density

    2015 Tesla Model SP68 375 n/a600 n/a320 15 300 0-5100
    2015 Tesla Model S8568 285 n/a440 n/a320 14 800 0-5800
    2012 Tesla Model S6050 225 n/a430 n/a320 14 200 0-5000
    2007 Tesla Roadster32 225 n/a370 n/a240 14 000 0-5400
    2007 Tesla Roadster Sport32 223 n/a400 n/a240 14 000 0-5100

    YASA Motors

    Custom Motorn/a800 400 4 000 1 000

    YASA-75033 100/20090 790 400 350/7003 250 0-2500>95%6.0
    YASA-P400 Series24 160 100 390 300 700 7 500 0-480096%7.4
    YASA-40024 90/16550/70360 250 350/7007 500 0-4500>95%7.5
    These numbers have raised important questions to me:

    1. Is peak power density is the most important factor for EV electric motor?
    2. I think that we should look at Peak Torque and Peak Power combination of factors. I mean the best electric motor is a motor with low Peak Power, which means low energy consumption, and high Peak Torque, which means strong driving characteristics.
    3. As I understand, Voltage is also important because if we apply high voltage we will get higher Peak Power and as a result higher Peak Torque. The main problem is that high voltage controllers/invertors cost much more then low voltage (for example 350 VCD vs. 700 VCD).

    So I will be glad if someone can validate my findings and comment factor is the most important to consider on electric motors for EV.

    Thank you

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