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Tesla Motors suspected in trying to illegally defraud Danish government EV tax hike


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Oct 28, 2012
Skaneateles, NY
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S Suspected In Euro Tax Dodge

Tesla Motors suspected in trying to register 2500 EVs before the tax hike goes into effect...

from Denmark’s Minister for Taxation: “I’ve received message from the tax department, that 2500 luxury cars have been registered, likely from Tesla, and something indicates, this is a circumvention of the law of tax deduction of electric cars.” ... “Bulk buying cars with intent of selling them is illegal.” ... “It’s not possible to think that there are 2500 Danes, who have had this idea over a matter of a few weeks, but I think it’s fair to say this was done to partially circumvent the rules.”

from the Minster's point of view what Tesla is trying to do is illegal. i don't know any other details other than whats in that article.

other sources:

Tesla accused of trying to circumvent Danish tax - The Local



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Mar 3, 2013
preregistering cars that are not sold to circumvent tax law. uh yeah thats illegal.

Absolutely nothing is confirmed in anyway, however, IF Tesla (or an EV at all) register 2500 cars, they have almost 2 months to deliver said cars legally. So there is zero substance to this article until the year expires. The author of the article can't even claim they were Tesla's. Maybe they were i3's. Who knows, but we all clicked on the article, so seekingalpha got paid.


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Dec 8, 2007
preregistering cars that are not sold to circumvent tax law. uh yeah thats illegal.
That is the speculation. There is no evidence yet this happened or that it is illegal to pre-register cars in Denmark. Reading the article, Tesla had been doing something similar in multiple countries and suddenly because of a tax change this becomes illegal? I'm going to wait until the investigation is done before speculating that it is illegal.
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Jun 3, 2013
Sounds like a non issue now. Buried in one of the stories:

Esben Pedersen, a spokesman for Tesla Motors Denmark, initially rejected any allegations that Tesla had bulk registered cars, telling TV2 News “I have followed the case with amazement, and I would immediately pull the plug on the story. Tesla is not hoarding any cars.”

But Pedersen later made a u-turn, acknowledging that Tesla has been involved in the purchase of 2,500 number plates. “What I have been made aware of is that there has been someone in our headquarters, sitting and ordering number plates for all markets”, Pedersen told DR.

Pedersen has argued that the registration of the 2,500 plates is a fully justifiable move, as demand for Tesla vehicles has increased since the tax increase on electric cars was announced. He said he couldn't understand Lauritzen's suspicions about Tesla.

“It is realistic that we will within the next year sell 2,500 cars. The person has therefore ordered plates for these vehicles,” Pedersen told DR.
“I think it is unfortunate that as a politician he is willing to hang a business out to dry in the national media on the basis of incomplete information," he added.

Speaking to BBC News, Lauritzen said he is sorry if Tesla feels it has been targeted by the tax move and now feels that they have given a satisfactory reason for the registration of the 2,500 plates.



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Dec 8, 2007
Is there any reason why this was posted in the ´Belgium and the Netherlands´ forum? It is true that there are some similarities between Denmark and The Netherlands (both are in Europe and are relatively flat) but they are two different countries and as far as I am aware we (the Netherlands guys) are not involved in any illegal circumvention of the Danish tax laws. On the contrary, I think there are a lot of Dutch Tesla owners who hope to sell their current Classic Model S to the Danish and order a new MS (or MX), so an additional 2500 new cars in Denmark could be quite an obstacle for our second hand market :wink:


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Jul 12, 2013
Of course you're right, N.

But all these countries are small neighbours of Germany, so a mistake is easily made. :)

The real fun of this topic is that exactly the same thing that the Danish Tesla Motors representative is 'accused of' is common practice in The Netherlands.

Certain taxes (income tax on private use of company car / bijtelling voor privégebruik) highly depend on the year that a car gets its plates. The rules can change dramatically year-to-year.
E.g. this specific taxs almost doubles for a Peugeot 308 1.6 Diesel when it doesn't get its plates on 31-dec-2015, but on 1-jan-2016.

I reserved such a car for February 2016 delivery to our company fleet, on the condition that the license plates have a 2015 date of issue.
Peugeot facilitates this perfectly, their representative mentioned amounts of several thousand cars being handled this way by them.

The case for a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is even stronger, this tax for this car more than triples towards 2017.
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