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Hi fellow Tesla owners,

I've been a Tesla owner (Model S 75) since December 2017 and since then I've spent a crazy amount of time reading about Tesla (forums, Twitter, Reddit, etc).

I've never spent so much time reading for any other car that I've owned - I don't think I've actually done that for any other gadget - and I thought it would be of interest for others to get a hand-picked list directly in their inboxes once a week. Not only because of how much time it takes to consume the information but also because some really interesting information passes without making "too much noise".

I'm collecting up to 10 links weekly (videos, forum threads, forum posts, tweets, Reddit articles, Reddit comments, etc) and sending them on Thursdays. If that sounds good you can sign up here Tesletter
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Hi folks,

The first issue of the newsletter just went out, and I wanted to share it with you and see what you think. I tried to keep it close to the cars, and I avoided talking about the stock or which Shampoo Elon uses. I hope you like it!
Tesletter: Weekly Digest - Issue 1

PS No, I'm not going to spam the forum every week, I just wanted to share the first issue ;)

Edit: I forgot to thank you to the people from this forum who already subscribed to the newsletter, you are awesome!
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I'm not sure I'd limit to 10 articles per week. That'll be more than enough most weeks but there may be occasions when there are more than 10 things that are worthy of posting.

If this takes off, I think there might be a time in the future when you entertain the idea of accepting advertising. If that happens, would you let us know beforehand? I'm not sure I can give you a good reason to do this but it just seems could slant the article selection somewhat so I think it is good to know.

Another frequently used abbreviation is OP. I think it refers to the owner because it is used sometimes when the car isn't being operated, otherwise I'd think it means “operator”.

Thanks for doing this.
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Thanks for your feedback!

The reasoning to limit it to 10 articles (it is just an artificial number) is so I have to pick, of course, if one week there are 12 really interesting things I would put all of them, so no a hard limit just something for me to pick the best content.

If there is ever advertising - right now that time seems really distant in the future - it would be marked as such, something like what TMC does, but if that is a concern to you I will make sure I contact you before that even happens.