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Tesla Non-Refundable Order Fee Increased to $250

Yes, it's a deposit, not an ordering fee. Anyone who says it's an ordering fee is mistaken, as most people in this thread have confirmed. It doesn't matter if it's Canada or the United States. Plenty of people in the US here and on Reddit have confirmed that it will be applied to offset their final price.

This is a Texas 2021 Model Y ... It clearly shows a $100 order fee as an additional fee on both the order and purchase agreement, and a $100 credit after payment, not a deposit, that reduces that additional fee amount after additional fees, not the vehicle price.

Please show how this can be mistaken?


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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

I agree, for those arguing that the $250 is not a fee and will be a deposit are going to be upset and upsetting people when they get their MVPA and were getting incorrect information ...

Have bought several Teslas and they all had different deposit/fees. Including 2018 that had a $1000 initial refundable deposit and than another $2500 non refundable order deposit ($3500 in total).

I would encourage you to read your order agreements. If you were given an order deposit, yes that is a deposit, if you were given an order fee, that is an additional fee. The current agreement only applies the order "deposit" to the purchase price if you by a used Tesla ... So it is possible to have an order that is for a used Tesla or an older agreement but for anyone thinking the $250 order fee is not a fee is smoking crack.

Stop spouting nonsense about the $250 fee ... It is a fee ... Unless you can show that you've paid the $250 fee and you got it back ... That is no one right now.
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It absolutely does count towards the purchase price. Others and myself have posted screenshots showing proof that it does. My screenshot shows it reducing the final cost well before I'm in any position to take delivery.

The only screenshots I have seen are for order deposits.

The current order agreement and order pages are for order fees. The agreement clearly spells out the difference. Those that are saying order fees are order deposits are mistaken. They are two different things and defined terms.

If you buy used today you pay an order deposit (as did some order agreements for new cars in the past). if your order and order agreement says "order deposit" it is an order deposit.

But if it says order fee (as is true for the current $250 order fee) it is a fee and not applied to the vehicle purchase price before fees and taxes.

It's pretty clear. I don't know why there is so much confusion except for people insisting that order fees are order deposits.
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pretty ballsy to charge $250 just to place a web order. or, am I missing something?

why keep that money if the user cancels? that part, I never understood. its not like they have difficulty selling ANYTHING they make, and there are not porsche level customizations that would render a build 'strange' to many buyers.

I wonder even more: why even TAKE orders? just build cars and stock lots with whatever options YOU, the vendor, wants. they'll still sell every one.

they add complications when none are needed.

imagine if you could just buy from the lot. (in fact, I did, same day; but tha was 2 years ago, just as T was getting so popular, everyone wanted one. after that, the whole company 'feel' changed, and not for the better).

it does feel like I bought at peak tesla and its downhill from here. I hope I'm wrong but it feels like a slow but sure decline.
Exactly. It's credited back when you actually settle up and complete your purchase.

View attachment 699036

Edit: Also note that this "Order Fee" is actually added to the price of your car at purchase. Added and paid with your CC. So the car price is not discounted the $100. It's an order fee that was already paid and that is the "Deposit".

That is an Order Deposit not an Order Fee. They are two different things. There is no such thing as an Order Deposit Fee.
This seems to be a YMMV thing. I can go place a new order today with the new $250 deposit amount and it will apply to the vehicle cost in the price summary shown at the time of order.

That's interesting, I don't see a $250 Order Deposit, but yes if it says Deposit that would be true. I just priced out an X and Y (USTX) and they both clearly say Order Fee.

What geo are you ordering that says Order Deposit?
I'm in Ontario, Canada.

Yep, it clearly says "Order Deposit" in Canada, and not "Order Fee" as it does now in the US.

If you check the OP they show an "Order Fee". That $250 is not an Order Deposit.

So if you pay an Order Fee you will not get that back or applied to the original cost of the vehicle before taxes and fees.
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Just because you see the amount decreased later doesn't mean you're not paying it additionally. If it's already been added as a line item before you get the Car Price (which is the total after all fees, including the $1200 Destination & Documentation Fee, Order Fee, etc.), so meaning that the line entry that says Car Price has the amount ($100 or currently $250) already included in it, seeing it subtracted later just shows that you paid it — of course it's subtracted, otherwise you'd be paying it twice.

The current Order Fee is an amount you pay in addition to the listed price of the car. Since there is no way to order a car w/o paying this fee, it should be considered as part of the price of a new car. We paid it as a $100 Fee (an additional amount to listed car price) on our June 4, 2021 MY7 order.

Tesla just raised their prices by $150 w/o most realizing it.
Doesn't that $100 deposit automatically apply upon ordering?

If you go to the "completed tasks" section of your account and then expand the "show details" section, it should show an itemization of your price details and order deposit (under the "Payments Received" section) as a credit against your total cost of vehicle.
Its weird because if you notice Tesla charges you the $100 fee then deducts. So, it looks like that $100 is going nowhere. 100 - 100 = 0.
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When you pay $100/$250 and it says "Order Fee" it is an additional cost (fee). If it says "Order Deposit" it is not.

There is nothing to disagree about this.

A fee is above and beyond the regular cost. A deposit is a payment.

No one has shown where a FEE was applied to the cost of the car.

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