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Tesla - North Shore Mall Gallery- Peabody

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Here's a link to the permit review, from May (PDF). It says "Sales and Service", which is promising, but the mention is brief and somewhat vague, so hard to tell if it's just a store. Seems like it would be odd to replace a building that size with something that's just a store, though.

http://www.peabody-ma.gov/comm_dev/PB_MeetingMinutes 2018_0517.pdf

Nope, not just a store. It's a full Tesla Service + Sales location. They are taking over the whole Sears Auto Center, ~25,200 sq. ft. Tesla applied for the building permits for the necessary alterations towards the end of October. But, with the exception of the electrical permit to upgrade the electrical service to the building, the permits are still pending.

Tesla Service Peabody, MA Permit Form.png
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Indeed, you're quite right. I found a few more interesting documents:

City Council Meeting Minutes (PDF): http://www.peabody-ma.gov/pdf_minutes/city_council/032218 REG. MEETING MINS.pdf

Page 2 has the details. It's clearly listed as a 'dealership' with sales and service.

Another (better written) news article has the details of what was to be coverted at the City Council meeting: Want to buy a Tesla or a Maserati? Peabody may soon add high-end car centers along Route 114. - Itemlive. Planning for 10 sales & 18 service employees, which would be pretty substantial.

Hilarious that the author thinks a Maserati would have more 'oomph' than a Tesla.
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While a New Hampshire location would be better for Northern New England, at least people won't have to go South of Boston to Dedham, MA.
If you’re out of warranty checkout www.electrifiedgarage.com a partnership between EV Tuning products and Rich Rebuilds from youtube putting together our resources. Located in southern New Hampshire and more cumulative Tesla experience than either service center currently has.
Is this dead in the water? With the Rhode Island store opening soon it seems as though the coin purse for retail investment is back open. I did a quick search on Peabody’s website but holy *sugar* that site design sucks - totally incompatible with mobile and I couldn’t find anything.
I don't think it's quite dead - four recent Tesla job postings for Peabody including "Automotive Painter", suggesting Peabody may be getting Tesla in-house body work as a service.

Search for Jobs | Tesla
Swung by this location today in my travels - a bunch of cars outside the front of the building, but I suspect it was employee parking for the mall. I could see a few construction lights inside the building, but otherwise no signs much happening to the building. Five jobs still posted for this location (+1 from early July). Not sure if that's a good thing as it may just mean they're not actively filling the positions