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"Tesla Offer" Models 3 (& S, X, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

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While I continue to believe that the Tesla Offer device is the best on the market, as of 02-15-2021 the effort to secure a new group-buy powered frunk-hood discount for Model 3 is cancelled.

Things could always change in the future, so continue to watch on the TMC Forum, the Tesla Owner's Forum, YouTube, and other online sources. Thanks for your interest.
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02-13-21 Update: I've contacted Tesla Offer (using the new, to me, "WhatsApp") and received an automated response--they are celebrating Chinese New Year. I left a message that I would contact them again on Monday to ask questions (concerning the Mark 4 versions) and discuss minimum requirements for a group discount. If you know of any potentially interested buyers, please have them contact me.
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I haven’t done much research on the frunk kits but are they having problems with the Mark 4.0 version?

Not that I know.

I will have a Model X, and currently there is no Mark 4 version listed for that model. But a Mark 4 version is available for Models 3, S, and possibly Y. So I just want clarification about it--what does it change/improve; when available for all models; etc.

To everyone: be careful when you read posts on TMC and elsewhere--I've found that it is easy to initially confuse discussions of the Hansshow product with those of the Tesla Offer product. (Individual posters do not always identify up front which product they are discussing.)

The Hansshow and Tesla Offer powered frunk hood devices are two distinct, different products. They are not the same, and not made by the same company. As far as I know there are no universal installation and operational issues with the Tesla Offer electric frunk product. If it is installed correctly, it appears to work without problems. At least, that is what I've read so far.
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I haven’t done much research on the frunk kits but are they having problems with the Mark 4.0 version?

I found this chart on the Tesla Offer electric frunk-hood device webpage for the Model 3:

Model 3 Electric Frunk - Tesla Offer

Version Differences.jpg

Note that the Mark 3 and Mark 4 are similar--the difference being necessary in response to a change by Tesla to the Model 3 latch system after October 2020 (2021 Model 3 year). Tesla Offer has a YouTube video ("Tesla Offer - Electric Frunk MARK 4.0 Feature Preview") explaining the more about the Mark 3 and Mark 4 systems and the importance of using the Mark 4 version in late Model 3s and in all Model Ys. A Mark 4 version is apparently also an option for 2021+ Model S cars. Check with Tesla Offer to ensure you select the right version for your car.
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