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"Tesla Offer" Models S (& X, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

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While I continue to believe that the Tesla Offer device is the best on the market, as of 02-15-2021 the effort to secure a new group-buy powered frunk-hood discount for Model S is cancelled.

Things could always change in the future, so continue to watch on the TMC Forum, the Tesla Owner's Forum, YouTube, and other online sources. Thanks for your interest.
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02-13-21 Update: I've contacted Tesla Offer (using the new, to me, "WhatsApp") and received an automated response--they are celebrating Chinese New Year. I left a message that I would contact them again on Monday to ask questions (concerning the Mark 4 versions) and discuss minimum requirements for a group discount. If you know of any potentially interested buyers, please have them contact me.
I may be interested if the price is right.

That condition applies to us all, I think. Right now a standard 5% discount (from Tesla Raj or Frugal Tesla Guy, for example) is available. I'd like to see if we can negotiate something higher. The first group had 75 people, and they got 20% off. So far we have about ten interested people. I started WhatsApp with them right now, but response time is slow. Let's see what they say.
They don't have Germany under countries for shipping addresses, weird :(

Actually, no it's not. Tesla Offer is in some sort of business partnership with Amp Tech, I believe. Amp Tech handles sales of the same or similar product to all of Europe.

Actually, if you can learn any more about the Amp Tech product, we'd love to hear back. Unfortunately for me, the downloadable Model X Amp Tech installation instructions are in German.

Here is their page on the Model 3 device (I couldn't get the Model S page to come up):

Model 3 Automatic Frunk | AMPTech® | Tesla premium equipment
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holy... 808€ from Amp Tech. That's $979... for what is $499 (412€) from Tesla Offer. Literally double. That's no 19% VAT occurence. No thanks.

And yeah, there's no special certification (if it has a CE sticker it's good), or guarantee, or import costs that are magical for Germany alone. Tesla Offer ships to everywhere else in Europe, and folks will just pay VAT import when it lands (19, 21%, etc. depending on country). Just Tesla Offer clearly has an agreement with these AmpTech folks for exclusivity in Germany, and it means fleecing Germans, as usual, for the highest prices around. Not cool. Good on them for doing Tesla stuff here, respect for that, but wtf, Germany is always hostile to the DIY'er.

So, while I'd love to get in on this (and sorry for derailing the thread), I literally can't, I'll have to wait for a trip to another country to order and pick up. Good luck to everyone!
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I know this particular group buy effort has fizzled, but I'd be interested if anything picks up again.

OK. Keep watch on TMC and on the Tesla Offer website..

An interesting issue is that of the Mark 3 vs. Mark 4 frunk-hood-device updates. I am still unclear as to the need/desirability--and availability--of the Mark 4 update for 2021 Models S and X before the refresh. Should they be treated as 2020 models and take the Mark 3 version? In the case of Model X that is all that is available right now. But for Model S, there is a choice between Mark 3 and 4. When the webpage says "2021+" does it mean the refresh version only, or any model-year 2021 Model S?
Yeah, I noticed the new mk4 option. I don't know what the difference/improvement is from mk3, but based on the available menu it's only compatible with 2021 MS. Since I don't plan on upgrading my 2016 MS anytime soon I'm not familiar with how the latest refresh affects compatibility, or if the mk4 limited compatibility has to do with some change in 2021 models that is separate from the refresh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
...the new mk4 option. I don't know what the difference/improvement is from mk3...

This is an interesting and important issue. First off, see this Tesla Offer video:

As Raymond explains, eariler Model 3 cars apparently had two latch hooks (one longer, one shorter?) so if there was a small obstruction blocking the hood from closing completely, it would still partially latch (using the longer hook) and thus be prevented from flying open at speed. But at some point Tesla went to just a single latch hook (why?).

Per this Tesla Offer (TO) chart: Version Differences.jpg

the Mark 4 upgrade was developed to address the way the TO electric frunk-hood device reacts to an obstruction--something partially blocking full and complete closure of the frunk hood. In the newer Model 3 (and other model-years) it became necessary to specifically warn the driver (via the touch-screen) if the frunk was still open (and to prevent driving).

The current TO recommendations for purchase of the two versions can be better understood using this chart (derived from 2/22/21 TO webpages):
Version Selection.jpg

Specific differences between device versions can be, I suppose, (a) mechanical (perhaps requiring a change in installation procedures), (b) electrical (including an upgraded control module), or software-related. We already know that control module firmware can be conveniently updated. So I assume that the difference between Mark 3.0 and Mark 4.0 is not solely due to software. There must also be electronic and/or mechanical differences.

Be sure to always check carefully with TO webpage information--or contact TO staff directly--before buying, as specifications and reasons to select one version over another may change.

I am still left wondering how pre-refresh 2021 Models S and X should be treated. Do they fall into the 2020 (Mark 3.0) or 2021+ (Mark 4.0) categories? When I finally purchase a frunk-device I'll naturally want to get the most up-to-date product that is compatible with my car. Let's assume that TO treats a 2021 pre-refresh vehicle as a 2020 car.
  • Will Mark 4.0 both fit and function in a 2020 Model S or X? (If so, why bother with Mark 3.0?)
  • Are the extra safety features of Mark 4.0 unnecessary/redundant in a 2020 car?
  • Or is Mark 4.0 actually incompatible in some way with 2020 (and earlier) vehicles?
Anyone know the answers? I'll be checking with TO if and when I ever receive a new 2021 pre-refresh Model X.