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"Tesla Offer" Models Y (& S, 3, & X) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

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While I continue to believe that the Tesla Offer device is the best on the market, as of 02-15-2021 the effort to secure a new group-buy powered frunk-hood discount for Model Y is cancelled.

Things could always change in the future, so continue to watch on the TMC Forum, the Tesla Owner's Forum, YouTube, and other online sources. Thanks for your interest.
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How easy to install?

Good question. Check out the two links in my first post. The Tesla Offer webpage (Post #1) includes an installation video on YouTube.

And that same Tesla Offer website (in Post #1) includes a page of instructions (for the latest Mark 3.0 version) here:

I have never done it, but I've read the instructions and watched it performed online at a couple of sites. For additional information, skim the posts by many TMC members (in the Thread above) who attempted the installation.

My guess is that if a person (a) is handy with common tools, (b) enjoys working on autos (including automotive electrical wiring), and (c) is patient and careful to follow the instructions, then such a DIY'r should be able to install the power frunk themselves in maybe an afternoon or less. However, be aware that some people, as is always the case, run into problems and need installation help. I would NOT attempt this job if the subject Tesla is your only car. From experience I know it can be easy to break or lose small nylon/plastic connecting devices when you remove them (for example, when taking out the frunk tub), which then have to be replaced. So familiarity, experience, and confidence working around autos is probably all-important. (On the other hand, this project might be that perfect time to inspect/replace your big Tesla air filter.)

I have (or used to have) those abilities, but I may still choose to have it professionally installed by someone with first-hand experience (a) with this particular product and (b) with installing it in my particular model of Tesla. For ~$200 it will be worth it to me to have a professional ensure that it is installed quickly and correctly, and to stand behind his/her work. Just being cautious.

In the end, I think having a powered frunk will be an outstanding feature, and it will help protect what I hear can be a delicate hood against damage from being closed incorrectly.
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A sizeable group of (mostly Models Y and 3) TMC members recently secured a 20% group buying discount for the "Tesla Offer" power frunk device. You can read about their exploits here:

Perhaps, like me, you missed the opportunity to use that discount?

I read that the Tesla Offer/Amp Tech device is arguably the best product of its kind on the market.

Do you have any interest in participating in another group-buy discount effort?

Let me know.

I just missed the group buy, so I'd be down for sure
Definitely suggest going with the Tesla Offer unit/brand for sure....

Just to clarify:
  • The alarming problem the person in the video experienced was not with the Tesla Offer device. It was with a different product made by a different company.

    That person had installed the other (Hansshow) brand of power frunk. (And as I recall from watching his self-install video, he had had a difficult and challenging installation session.)

  • So that is not to say that the Hansshow product necessarily failed in that instance. We have no way to tell if the problem was caused by failure of the power frunk device or by faulty installation. But it goes without saying that during reassembly it is essential that all key original Tesla and new aftermarket parts be fully and adequately positioned and tightened, correct?

    This, to me, is a reason to have a device like this installed by a trusted professional with extensive experience installing (a) the power frunk device in (b) your model of car.

  • I am not an expert, but from what I read the Tesla Offer device is considered the best on the market. Tesla Offer is associated with the German company Amp Tech, which I understand markets the same device in Europe. And, importantly, the Tesla Offer Mark 3 version is now advertised as "waterproof."
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02-13-21 Update: I've contacted Tesla Offer (using the new, to me, "WhatsApp") and received an automated response--they are celebrating Chinese New Year. I left a message that I would contact them again on Monday to ask questions (concerning the Mark 4 versions) and discuss minimum requirements for a group discount. If you know of any potentially interested buyers, please have them contact me.
Anyone else had theirs working fine and then after the latest Tesla update, the beeper has been beeping randomly when parked and also whenever I open any door (when the car wakes up it seems)?

Please keep us informed about this. If it does not go away on its own, you should definitely communicate with Warren or Raymond at Tesla Offer (TO) to see if there needs to be a TO firmware update.
Some installers are out here trying to hustle everyone on this install. There's really only one person in CO that will do it and he wants $375... lol no thanks.

Hopefully everyone else who doesn't want to install this can find a more reasonable person to install.
New Group Buy!

Send me a private message with your email if you are interested in getting in this group buy. The team at Tesla Offer has graciously offered 20% off if we get 25 orders. This is good for electric tailgate, electric frunk, soft closing doors or auto present door handles.