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Tesla or "Tezzla" Pronunciation

How do you pronounce Tesla?

  • teh· sluh

    Votes: 31 79.5%
  • tezzluh

    Votes: 8 20.5%

  • Total voters
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I've heard Elon in video interviews pronouncing Tesla with a strong ZZ.

As Elon is Elon, is this the proper pronunciation? I understand he has an accent, but he's Elon!

I have literally not heard anyone else besides Elon Musk pronounce it "tezzla".

I feel like my life is a lie! FYI I'm from New York. Interested to hear your thoughts!
Elon gets a pass to say it any way he wants. But every time I hear anyone else say Tezzla it is like nails on a chalkboard. People in Sweden have a very different pronunciation for Ikea than their American store counterparts. Neither are right or wrong - just different based on the region.
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I am also from New York and it bothers me. There is a "congruity principle" (I made up that name) whereas names from a foreign source are adapted to fit into another language. English words are used in foreign languages, but they are adapted to fit the alphabet and speech patterns.

Since Elon is from South Africa, we (many of us) need to adapt "teZla" to our speech patterns because the sound "zla" is not used by us (or not frequently).