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Does anyone have details on the Model 3 yet? Seems there are a handful of forum members getting their orders. Mainly I am curious on the conversion for the extra range battery and the availability of an AWD model.
There is a lot of information over in the Model 3 section of this site... all we seem to know is Tesla and Space X employees are receiving their cars and early reports are they are very happy with them. AWD is being tested and will be available next year. Early Canadian/Alberta deliveries are expected late 2018 so an AWD will be available for us. Not sure what you mean by the "conversion for the extra range battery"? If it's price... I believe the long-range upgrade is a $9k USD option.
Yeah, I have seen that they are charging $9k USD for the long range battery. Just curious if that would convert to $12k CAD or an adjusted value. Just seems pricey for 100 miles of range.

My reservation is indicating a late 2018 delivery, however, I was hoping for late 1st quarter 2019, hopefully that will be a more realistic delivery period. Otherwise, I may give consideration to one of the many PHEV models being released in the next couple years (notably the Quattro e-tron)
When did you reserve? I reserved March 31st in store and all it says is "Late 2018" as well. I can't believe it will be over 2.5 years of sitting on that reservation. I suspect not being a previous Tesla owner and a Canadian, it will be the very end of 2018 at the earliest. I wanted it sooner, but I think it's for the best - production glitches should be fixed, and who knows, there might be minor hardware fixes/advances put into place that the current cars aren't getting. And we should have FM radio by then :)

The 9k USD may only give you "100 more miles" but it's more than that. It gives you a quicker 0-60, it gives you faster charging, it gives you more range. That 215 miles in a winter snow storm means you're stopping at Canmore, Golden and Revelstoke. A long range Model 3 means you can skip Canmore.
I use this example often as it's a trip I make over a dozen times a year, mostly in the winter.
In a Model 3 standard range, that is 38 minutes charging, 4:05 driving. (4:43 total)
In a Model 3 long range, that is 10 minutes charging, 3:55 driving. (4:05 total)

Of any options over and above the base $35k USD pricetag, the larger battery is the only one I am 100% getting. It's not an option.
After 8 years of battery degradation, your effective "winter" rated miles gets pretty low, and something that could really affect resale.
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Thank you for the details. I had no idea that the extended range battery offered faster charging and a faster 0-60. I really don't care about 0-60, however, the usability is what is important. When you say that it will save time, that is important (in some situations). I too am showing late 2018 as my delivery date, I am assuming that all Canadian orders will be showing a similar delivery date.

As someone coming into the EV world, I don't want to overpay, nor do I want to get options that I would never use, especially when they are packaged together. I was thinking of the Premium Package and the AWD. I am not sold on the FSD or EAP. Metallic paint and upgraded wheels, not a big deal, all premium OEM's have a $895 charge for metallic paint and will package a wheel upgrade with another package (unless your Porsche).

The new BMW i5 looks interesting, but I am not sure BMW is giving a lot of support to Canadian sales as they have poor lease residuals, high interest rates and a very small network of dealers (if memory serves 12-15 across the country).
Yep. The larger a battery is (more cells), the faster you can charge or discharge all of the cells as the current to/from each cell stays constant. This improves charge time as well as how much power the batteries can put out to the motors. (provided we're battery-limited - which is the case for the S/X in most cases).

I'm in a similar boat. Tempted on Premium package to get the heated mirrors, glass roof, sound, etc. but will be passing on FSD/AP as well. Probably going blue :)

I would consider any other EV provided they have a nation-wide DC charging network that was fast and easy to use :)
Sounds like a great build. I am still debating to go dark grey or silver. Maybe Black as that seems to be my fallback option.

I doubt I would go for the upgraded wheels as the 18's are fine, can be used as a winter set, then I can purchase something a little more stylish for summer (it all depends on bolt pattern and what options look good - or that I can find on a forum at a reasonable price).

Canadian conversion is also a factor as I really don't want to over-pay. Using man maths I get the following numbers:

$35,000 base vehicle
$9,000 Long Range
$5,000 Premium Package
$5,000 AWD
$1,000 Metallic Paint
$55,000 Total USD - Assuming 1.25% that would place the Model 3 at just under $70,000

For $70k, the market is vast if typical ICE vehicle are on the list for consideration...even a used Model S would fall into that price range


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Nov 6, 2013
Calgary, Canada
We should... that was fun. Usually corresponds with the transition to winter wheels/tires. :)
We are going to have an impromptu meet up at 722 Restaurant (722 85th Street S.W.) tomorrow (Monday) at 12:30 for anyone who would like to attend and is able. As we're looking to have lunch there, it would be good to have some idea of anyone who is planning on attending either by responding to this or emailing: [email protected] - I'm not sure yet if we will setup an event for this or not.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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We are going to have an impromptu meet up at 722 Restaurant (722 85th Street S.W.) tomorrow (Monday) at 12:30 for anyone who would like to attend and is able. As we're looking to have lunch there, it would be good to have some idea of anyone who is planning on attending either by responding to this or emailing: [email protected] - I'm not sure yet if we will setup an event for this or not.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It’s funny how many people show up to an impromptu meetup. I’m in - Turkey dinner at 4pm so it will be a light lunch but will be good to catch up. If you have an hour or two this afternoon - join us at 722 World Bier Haus for a pint and some car talk.

Join us Sunday, June 24th for the 3rd Annual Tesla Owners Club of Alberta AGM Meeting and Show & Shine. Everyone is welcome to attend but only TOCA Members can vote and attend the meeting portion. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact [email protected] to inquire.

****Attendance is free but we ask that you RSVP so we can ensure there is enough food/drinks for everyone. Register online here: TOCA 3rd Annual AGM and Show & Shine

We hope to have at least one Tesla Model 3 in attendance!

Note: As we will be voting on a new Board of Directors, please let me know if you would like to volunteer for a Board position for the 2018/19 year so I can add you as a Nominee. There are 8 positions and each year we nominate from the available Members who wish to be a part of the organization. We are a registered Society (similar to a non-profit).

Thank you to our "Ludicrous Level" sponsors this year including Refine Auto Salon and Aviva Insurance - businesses interested in sponsoring the upcoming year should contact us for a sponsorship package or visit Sponsors - Tesla Owners Club Alberta

We hope to have a great turnout of Members at this event - and may even break an attendance record for number of Tesla's in one Alberta Meetup!

UPDATE: Already 27 members registered for the AGM - can't wait to see everyone there... let's see how many Tesla owners we can get to Red Deer for June 24th!
Doug's Place in Edmonton is hosting the Tesla Alberta Owners Club for a free BBQ next Saturday August 18th.

Come meet other owners, ask/answer prospective owners questions, meet the new Edmonton Tesla Ranger, and learn about why Doug's Place wanted to become a Tesla certified body shop and what that means for you and any potential body work you might need down the road.

To help us gauge numbers, please get your free ticket at the following link: Tesla Owners BBQ (Hosted by Doug's Place)

I just looked at the long term forecast, and it looks to be a sunny and warm day!
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I am moving out of Calgary and selling my winter tier set, which is as good as new. I bought it in 2018, but I live very close to my work, so I used the winter tiers for weekend drives—Approx fewer than 1000KM on the winter tires.

  • WHEELS - BRAELIN BR06 19X8.5 5X114.3MM +45 64.1MM MBK / SAT
  • + Installation Kit
  • + TPMS Sensors
Asking: $1495


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Hi everyone. I've grown tired of having my Model S door handles repaired every year, especially since I'm now out of warranty and I think it's about $400 each time. EV tuning has an upgraded micro-switch/wire replacement that seems problem free. The trouble is the shipping is obscene ($111.62 USD for a $79.95 USD part). I've noticed though that I can buy a quantity of 5x with the same shipping. I can get even more with a relatively small increase in shipping.

I thought maybe I'd ask to see if anyone else is looking to get the kit or have one to spare. I live in Calgary. Thanks!

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