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Tesla Owners Throw a Party for the Tesla Employees

This was a wonderful event.
It was very fun talking with other owners, both old and new.
We very much missed a couple of employees that have moved on to regional positions with Tesla.
And it was very fun to spend some time talking to and getting to know some of the personnel there even better.
With such a fast growing company, changes happen fast.
My aunt in MN's response to the story:Not being an owner, I wasn't invited. They're being snobbish.


I don't understand this at all. If she's not an owner, how would she show appeciation where technically only owners could appreciate the service center workers anyway? If she wanted to go to a party, there was an Ice Cream party Friday night at Lake Calhoun, and a whole host of events at the Twins Stadium, Mall of America, State Fair, etc. The Minnesota owners *do things*. We drive to Iowa and Michigan, giving rides and letting a few folks drive our private vehicles. The owners' club for Minnesota is vibrant, active, and committed to outreach, education, and community. Your aunt is welcome to join us at so many events. Please keep your eyes open for the Great Lakes section of this forum for events, and tell your aunt.