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Tesla P85 For Sale $31,500

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Im a player @ 13k cash. From what I understand, you would be looking at at least 3k for the re-certification. This does not include any additional work/parts tesla deems necessary. I am sure, based on other stories, this will be at least another 5k-10k, depending. The scariest thing would be the fact that tesla can label your car as unworthy to be re-certified, and you will never have super charging and never be able to get any parts from tesla as well.....LMK
My highest real offer is 20k as of right now and I'm looking for anything more then that. I've had a few at around 29k before supercharging was turned off and one tentative one around 23k after it was turned off but haven't heard much from that person. I still personally want around 26-27k but I'm not sure if I am gonna get that.
The car’s charge port has been fixed so now it operates fine and can close. It was also detailed inside and outside and buffed and waxed so the paint is in great condition and looks great. I’m looking to get $26,500 OBO for it right now.
Tesla has not re-certified the car as I don’t think it’s worth it to at the price and being able to work on most things of the car and having a tesla mechanic that I know. There are no bubbles on the screen which is actually the updated MCU which I got when retrofitting navigation. The contactos haven’t been replaced as the best of my knowledge but it was a CPO I bought in 2015 so I’m not sure. If you would like to pm me your phone number I can give you some before and after pictures but the left quarter panel, right fender and right side doors were replaced and the right quarter panel and driver side rear door were repaired.
sorry for the out of context question but could you tell me more about the navigation retrofit. I have a 13' model s non-tech and i want to enable nav and everyone at tesla keeps telling me its impossible. Where did you have it done, how much was it, etc..