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Tesla & Racing Extinction

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Feb 6, 2011
Columbia River Gorge
From Leilani, with a request to be shared:

Discovery just released this new music video for the theme song of Racing Extinction and we have has over a million views in a few hours, and it starts with the Tesla! Just watched it for the first time, tears are flowing to see that the world is actually paying attention to our message!

And from me: Just start with one thing. Make one change today. Make another when you're ready. Just one thing.

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... true... but as a society still addicted to fossil fuels we're now at the 45 year-old still living with mommy and daddy point. We might not be 'ready' but it's getting sad... and a little creepy. We've been procrastinating and denying reality for a long... long...... long time.

well said.

to make good decisions, we often need to be educated. to be educated, we need to have the desire to learn. and i think therein lies our problem.

option B: have someone entice you into making good decisions. (thanks, Tesla.)
... people just have to decide to do it.

It's important to cast this decision in the right context;

choosing to do 90 or 15 in a school zone;


buying a blue or grey car;

This is right/wrong; We don't let people choose how fast they want to drive through a school zone. There needs to be repercussions for choosing poorly. Just a sad fact of human nature.
I hate to preach, but I would love to show people that instead of fearing being a hypocrite embrace whatever steps you can make. My vegan Model S is my attempt, along with a thousand other recycling and turning off appliances and lights actions, to get my beautiful children to take the next step in protecting this planet for their future. I am a hypocrite and not perfect, but I try.
Tesla & Racing Extinction

Nice video. I liked the bees and the hammerhead shark images.
Biologist E.O. Wilson is the best mind I know of that deeply understands how humans are impacting their environment. From E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation The Diversity of Life
Quote: "The sixth great extinction spasm of geological time is upon us, grace of mankind. Earth has at last acquired a force that can break the crucible of biodiversity. ... Species are disappearing at an accelerating rate through human action, primarily habitat destruction but also pollution and the introduction of exotic species into residual natural environments. I have said that a fifth or more of the species of plants and animals could vanish or be doomed to early extinction by the year 2020 unless better efforts are made to save them. This estimate comes from the known quantitative relation between the area of habitats and the diversity that habitats can sustain. These area-biodiversity curves are supported by the general but not universal principle that when certain groups of organisms are studied closely, such as snails and fishes and flowering plants, extinction is determined to be widespread. And the corollary: among plant and animal remains in archaeological deposits, we usually find extinct species and races. As the last forests are felled in forest strongholds like the Philippines and Ecuador, the decline of species will accelerate even more. In the world "