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Tesla reliability

I was wondering how reliability is with Tesla cars ?
I've heard that, because they are all electric, cars don't use as much moving parts and components that could fail on a traditional car.
But at the same time I've heard Tesla is having other issues, with door handles, infotainment display etc.
How is so far the reliability of Tesla cars for users having this cars ?
I own a Model S and I can tell you my experience with it.

This is the best car I have owned and from what I hear from other owners as well.:biggrin:

You should test drive to see how it feels to drive this car. The car does not need oil changes like ICE but it does need service.

Please research this forum about service options.

Yes people including myself have some issues that we have experienced when owning this car but still we love this car.

If I were to buy another car it would be Tesla again.
i'm at 57k miles. So far the car has been 100% reliable. Never did I have an issue with the car that left me stranded or any serious issues that made driving compromised or delayed or dangerous. There were some small issues that needed attention but none of them were in any way critical. So from a reliability side, the car has been perfect for me. Obviously the drive train on the Model S is simpler and much less likely to cause problems compared to an ICE. But everything else about the car is the same as any other car. steering, suspension, brakes, AC, windows and sun roof, seats, ... All these parts will eventually wear out and need service. Nothing magic about Tesla.
At 56K miles my S85 has been as or more reliable than cars that I've previously owned. I had one charging issue early on but Tesla fixed it up right away and it's been rock solid since.
I've had no mechanical problems with my P85D. Fit and finish, creaks, rattles, and wind noises has pretty much been it. I have 9K miles so I know that's not a lot. But so far so good.

The Model S has lots of moving parts compared to other ICE cars if you remove the drivetrains of each from the equation.

The number of electric motors and actuators easily exceeds any other car I've owned luxury or not. These don't last forever but they might last a long time:

Model S Motors Count | TeslaTap

That said, the Model S is a complicated mechanical machine with lots of moving parts.