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Tesla roof rack installed by Tesla cracked glass

Not sure how people are not having issues with Tesla model 3 roof racks? Upon reading some threads of broken glass I figured it would be safe to have Tesla service install their roof rack on my 2020 stealth 3. The tech didn’t use a torque wrench and hand tightened which I was worried about and for good reason. One day later I noticed this crack.
So it doesn’t matter if Tesla or anyone else is installing just use a torque wrench for gods sake!
I just reached out to Tesla service via app and will let you know how it goes.
Not the introductory post I would have wanted to start with but figured giving heads up to more people is needed.

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Picture of crack


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My appointment is set for March so will see how the service goes.
Yes, regarding the sea suckers I read a few threads on broken glasses on model 3’s as well.
I felt like it was safer to go with a Tesla product and you know how that played out!
Noticed this post from 2019 a fellow member. It is interesting that it might be a defect if the crack is from inside which mine is so will let you know March 3rd!


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