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Tesla Sales folks: "7500 US tax credit expires in june"

the sales guy @ the local Tesla store has been pushing that we must take delivery of the X during June or:

1) US Fed tax credit drops from 7500 ->3750.
2) no lifetime free supercharging

For the 7500$ credit to expire in June they'd have to have shipped 200k during Q1 2018, right? I feel like if that was the case I'd be able to find an article about it - but google and forum search aren't coming up with anything.

Did they actually ship the 200kth during Q1 and hence it drops by half as of 7/1?
Does the offer of lifetime free supercharging expire if we don't take delivery by June end?

I'd honestly like to get the car by mid-May, but I've been told that's not possible. Given that, I'd rather wait till August as we'll be traveling and busy during June & July.
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Jan 18, 2014
You're right, he's totally wrong about the tax credit. Tesla as far as we know hasn't reached 200k US deliveries. So the tax credit is good for deliveries at least through September 30th, if not (more likely) December 31st.

Free Supercharging is available if you order using a referral code (please PM me if you need one!) though the end of April. (Just need to order by end of April to get supercharging, delivery can be after April 30th).

Good luck!


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Nov 8, 2012
Let's repeat: do not trust anything a salesperson says. They are often wrong, either through ignorance or deceit.
Which is sad, isn't it? When Tesla started building Galleries in 2012, the people there were not "salesman", they were highly educated on the product and focused on spreading that information to the public. For about three years now though, I walk in and instantly figure out I know way more than they do after listening to them speak for a few minutes. I guess that's what happens when a company grows.....


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For one more ‘opinion’, most of us think that Elon is planning on delivering the 200K car in July so that EVERY car delivered in the USA in 2018 gets the $7500 credit.

Then 3750 in first half of 2019 and 1875 for second half.

You will quickly learn that as noted the staff in the sales and even sometimes the service areas know less than TMC members. Sad but true!
For one more ‘opinion’, most of us think that Elon is planning on delivering the 200K car in July so that EVERY car delivered in the USA in 2018 gets the $7500 credit.

Then 3750 in first half of 2019 and 1875 for second half.

You will quickly learn that as noted the staff in the sales and even sometimes the service areas know less than TMC members. Sad but true!
I agree 100% with your breakdown of what Tesla will and should target for their US sales to preserve full tax credits though NYE 2018 and partial credits throughout 2019. That’ll keep virtually all US buyers of the 3 content (since they all likely believed they’d get some/all of the tax credit when putting down their $1k deposit two years ag).
It’s too bad Individual reps are bending the truth on the tax credit. I was a bit taken aback when one of the folks at the local mall store made it seem more urgent than it is today. In my case though he didn’t outright lie, he just strongly implied that the 50% reduction could happen any time and he’s been telling folks to order now if they want to be confident in getting delivery before expiration.

Now that I have read these forums and really understand the end-of-quarter delivery scheme — and how the tax credit works — you are probably ok waiting...

However, if Tesla hit the 200k number in Q2, we won’t know until week one of Q3. Can you trust that an order then will deliver by Sept 30th? I’ve seen mention of December orders that missed the March window. I’m sure S/X orders will even spike a bit if we look like the credit is expiring.

I’d still roll the dice if I were you, but the credit reduction wouldn’t break my transaction. So it’s individual risk/reward.



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Mar 15, 2012
This is a recurrent theme... I started a thread a couple of months ago after receiving extremely poor treatment at the local Tesla delivery center with a smarmy salesperson insisting the tax credit would be "gone" before I took delivery if I didn't take first production of a Model 3.

While the manager of that DC did call and offer an apology I have to think this sales pressure and misleading of customers in regards to the tax credit is coming from somewhere within Tesla since this seems to be a common thing reported in numerous threads here.
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Mar 10, 2014
What every one else said. But don’t be so sure 200k will fall in q3. Remember that there are 2000+ Model 3’s streaming out of the factory every single week. And beyond just 1600 (not even a full weeks worth) they all go to the US. And then somewhere in May another 2000S/X get added to that pile as well.

Unless the 3 ramp goes as badly as last quarter, or Tesla willing to warehouse literally ten thousand cars, 200k will be here sooner than later.


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Apr 18, 2017
Intermountain US
...Does the offer of lifetime free supercharging expire if we don't take delivery by June end?...
Free Supercharging is shown as an offer by Tesla when you follow someone's referral link, without any "take delivery before" or other fine print, so it should only matter when you order, not when you take delivery. But Free Supercharging has expired and disappeared in the past, only to resurface later after backlash. The official statement by Tesla (link below) says you have to take delivery by April 15th, which is almost certainly not correct.

I do believe free supercharging will eventually disappear for good. But there could be a hundred more extensions of the "free supercharging until..." or none.

That said, although the timing on the free supercharging could expire I don't believe it matters whether you use a referral code to get free supercharging, as long as free supercharging is still being offered. "Use my code to get free supercharging" is a trick used Tesla owner "salespeople" to get you to use their code. I know owners who have not used a code and still gotten free supercharging during the promotion. I do not know any owners who have not used a code and not gotten free supercharging while free supercharging was being offered through referrals. I realize this is not what is implied by Tesla here. It is just what I have observed as factual.

Currently the "use my code to get $500 in free Tesla credit" would be a real offer, if someone has the credit left, just not the free supercharging.

There is reason to test getting free supercharging without a referral code. There is no shortage of referrers. I just thought it needed to be said.
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Worth noting that all Tesla Model X and Model S receive 1,000 miles worth of free supercharging per year. "Free Supercharging" only matters on miles after those first 1,000 miles. (estimated, really it's 400kwh of charging).

Because of this, for us, even if we didn't have "free supercharging", we would still not paid anything for our supercharger usage so far.

*edited to correct "all teslas" to "all model x and model s"
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Going back to the original question from @acal , does Tesla even allow you to chose your delivery date?
Even if they give some control, it seems likely to me that the OP would get the car sometime around mid-to-late September?
They aren’t really doing Model X deliveries in Cali in August are they?

That also raises a question about supercharging because the current program requires your order to be placed by EOM (4/30)?

The more I think about it, if I were in your shoes I’d probably just order ASAP with a referral code and see what flexibility they can offer after the fact.


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