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Tesla Screen Yellow Border Problem Fix

Thanks for sharing this writeup! Yes, there is an ongoing endless thread on the topic here:
Yellow screen? Force Tesla to Replace it!

One thing I noted on your blog post (that others have speculated too) is the temperature having something to do with it, but as you point out, your car may get to 110-150F, but the screens are good to ~90C or almost 200F, so one wouldn't think it's just heat that's causing the yellowing. Some folks who are more familiar with the bonding process and chemicals involved chime in on that big thread with some more detailed analysis.

But my one question: Where is the "after" photo of your UV-treated screen!? Did it work??

Oh, and did you have this performed at Cherry Hill? Devon?
- UV Treatment works - Yes.

Note: My screen was not as bad as other examples that have been discussed in the post.
Some have said it works initially but c omes back? I see slight border on right side in our car but sometimes i think its my mind playing tricks after reading these threads as its not as bad as others have posted pics of.