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I know Tesla UK don’t currently have a shop. What’s the process for ordering Tesla own accessories? Do they offer all the items on the USA Tesla shop, can you just turn up and collect items from a shop or service centre?
Thanks all those that have replied. I’m still unsure if you can just extra items when I go to pick up my car from Dartford next week. Can you just get items when you pick up the car at the same location?

I still surprised they don’t have an online uk shop yet. Elon keeps going on about how good Amazon are at logistics maybe they should let them hold all the accessories and get them to manage that part of the business for Tesla.
I am now in possession of the USB lightning cable and some aero covers. I have not opened the box of the aero covers, but the lightning cable looks correct - some confusion among staff at 2 different service stations as to what version of cable they offer. I had only seen one Model 3 one and without having a car to confirm, it looks right (unintentional pun) and hopefully correct length.

Bit of a faff not having online shop, but at £14 (not sure what shipping is), not sure why anyone would want to go after market if you can get the correct item for a reasonable price.
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