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Tesla should get involved in motorsports

Discussion in 'Tesla, Inc.' started by chimpanzee, May 12, 2013.

  1. chimpanzee

    chimpanzee Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    pasadena, ca
    Model S sighting, at Long Beach Grand Prix ("Roar on the Shore" pre-race Promotion)



    Model S sighting at the pre race Indycar Long Beach Grand Prix, on Wednesday 4/17 ("Roar on the Shore").

    ALMS & Indycar (along with Pirelli series) are racing at Long Beach. ALMS is known for a "Technology" racing series, where there is an emphasis on Innovation ("open architecture", as opposed to a more-or-less "closed architecture" Spec series of Indycar). This is where Auto Mfrs come into ALMS ("Development Platform") to do some "Real World" R&D..combining their STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) top-down "Book Knowledge" with some Auto Racing "crackheads" (addicts), who predominantly do Empiricism: "intuitive" guided trial-and-error (aka "Real World Knowledge).

    As I'm typing this, I'm watching/recording the ALMS race at Sonoma (N. California, near Silicon Valley), where a General Motors rep said:

    "we develop Technology on the race-track, so the Consumer Market cars can become bullet-proof"

    So, at the Wednesday event, there is a heavy presence of ALMS cars (P1 & P2 prototypes, & the other "lesser" Sportscar classes). I'm taking pics of the Tequila Patron P1 (?) prototype:


    More pics here:

    2013 Indycar Long Beach GP 4/17 Wed - a set on Flickr

    & suddenly notice a license-plate-less black's a Model S!! I'm pretty sure someone at Tesla Motors (Auto Racing aware/cognizant) realized this Promotional Event for Long Beach GP (especially ALMS), would be a good opportunity to showcase "Cutting/Bleeding Edge Technology"...EV. Did Tesla Motors even "push" this over Social Media?? Is Tesla PR/Marketing even "alive", or are they just overwhelmed like their Model S customer-service?

    The legendary Jim Hall (Masters Mechanical Engineering, Caltech), who invented Ground Effects for Motorsports..Formula 1, Indycar, ALMS, etc, was at the Long Beach GP at a promotional event/dinner, with Tony Kanaan (top Brazilian Indycar driver, driving for KV Racing Technology)

    [ KV Racing Technology is owned by Kevin Kalkhoven, millionaire Silicon Valley Tech entrepreneur (former CEO Uniphase..fiber optics) & VC company owner. He & I are friends since Champcar 2006, who got me Media-Credentials for 2006 & this years 2013 race. BTW, the 2nd CEO of Tesla Motors (Ze'ev Drori, also Silicon Valley entrepreneur..founder of Monolithic Memories, Sportscar & Racing entusiast, who raced the Toyota Celebrity race at Long Beach GP) was a competitive bidder for bankrupt CART against Kalkhoven/Gentilozzi/Forsythe, who ended up getting the winning bid (to form Champcar)... ]

    It's interesting how these wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneurs (who dabble in rich hobbies like Auto Racing & pricey SPortscars), including:

    1) Elon Musk
    owned a McLaren F1 road-car (1 million $$)

    2) Martin Eberhard
    desired to buy a electric sportscar, after his windfall sale of Nuvomedia (rocketbook E-reader) to (infamous) Dr Henry Yuen (Caltech PhD Mathematics) for 180 destroyed as part of some "empire building" scheme..HY currently on FBI wanted list for Securities Fraud.

    Martin ended up at Alan Cocconi's ACP (AC Propulsion), in attempt to buy the Tzero prototype (Li ion powered electric sportscar, crazy 0 - 60mph performance). No go, but they put Martin in touch with Elon Musk (who contacted ACP about a similar foray into "mass production of EVs"). That resulted in a 1hr appt at SpaceX, which ended up lasting all afternoon, & pledge of 40 million as 1st principal investment in Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors got its start..

    Martin was a sportscar enthusiast when he was my grad-school office-mate (driving '67 black Ford Mustang), I still remember how he took me & YC Pan (other office-mate) to his Apartment (with Carolyn in tow)..loaded with Books. (Martin was a great reader, which explains his Nuvomedia Rocketbook venture, then his Tesla Motors venture "hooked" into his other passion: Cars). He got speeding ticket in one "wild moment" outside U of Illinois, Carolyn mentioned something about Martin's "racy driving style" ("the man's a maniac behind the wheel"), so he's got the "racing blood". Martin did is '83 MS Electrical Eng thesis on Robotics, this was my focus when I entered the AARG (Advanced Automation Research Group..Big 3 Tech: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Robotics..the CORE Technology for "robot cars", aka AVN Autonomous Vehicle Navigation) at Coordinated Science Laboratory at UIUC. Which explains my foray into Offroad & Offroad Racing, i.e. Robotics people LIKE mechanical toys as par of the

    "Boys, Toys, & their NOISE"

    paradigm (much like most Tesla clients). There's ANOTHER (famous) MIT PhD Artificial Intelligence (same era as Martin & me), who used to drive a red Fire Engine to work, a pioneer in Supercomputing who had his own startup (later failed, due to circumstances beyond his control). Kinda like what happened to Martin at Tesla. This guy recovered nicely, & collaborated with Caltech Physics Nobelist R. Feynman, in Computing. Martin (his 2nd home) & I live near Caltech. That Alan Cocconi (see above, ACP) & Wally Rippel (Tesla hire) are famous Caltech Engineering alumni, who were involved with Development of EV1 prototype at Aerovironment (founded by legendary Caltech Aeronautics PhD Dr Paul Macready), after Hughes had problems executing a contract with General Motors.

    I have an Indycar project going

    [ "Technology Partnership", drawing Tech companies..21st century version of traditional Mfr "Big 3" involvement: Ford, General Motors, Dodge ]

    ..& I'll stop here. I may be a factor in getting Tesla Motors (& other startups/initiatives in Electric/Hybrid), some "Protective Umbrella". To lessen risk, as per the Formula 1 saying:

    "In order to Push the Limits, sometimes YOU HAVE TO EXCEED THE LIMITS"
    -- F1 "knife edge cars"
  2. TonyWilliams

    TonyWilliams Active Member

    Jun 11, 2012
    San Diego - Tesla powered Rav4 EV
    Interesting history. Could we chat a bit off line about our Baja 1000 all-electric effort? This past week, an all electric car for the first time competed in the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally. I've spent a bit of time on that project (very little, actually, mostly offering advise).

    But, I'd like to take this all to the next level... quickly.

    Electric SRI EV1 Off Road Racer Enters NORRA Mexican 1000 - Electric Off Road Dune Buggy Enters Desert Race - Road & Track
  3. chimpanzee

    chimpanzee Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    pasadena, ca
    #3 chimpanzee, Jun 6, 2013
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    Sure, contact me using below (my new startup):



    I spoke to Martin Eberhard about it (his 2nd home in Sierra Madre) is nearby Sierra Madre, we're both near Caltech. A potential partner in a multi-University consortium for Motorsports. See below for potential sectors (incl the NORRA 1000 you mentioned)

    1) Offroad (legendary SCORE Baja 1000 race, seeded by NORRA)
    my background fo 25 years, known value for DoD (Dept of Defense) & US Military as per DARPA Grand Challenge. However, it's DISORGANIZED without an FIA-like Governing Body, to keep things "under control". The CATASTROPHIC MDR California 200 was the *defining* DISASTER (5 killed, 20 odd injured) that "blew up" Offroad Racing, probably the END of desert Offroad Racing in USA (long-term). Frivolous lawsuits (involving BLM, Bureau of Land Management) are about to KILL OFF land-use issues for Desert Offroad Racing, i.e. it will be TOO EXPENSIVE for hobby-racers (dominant demographic) to race.

    This was the sector targeted by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which fronts for US Military (DoD/Dept of Defense)..they want "military toys", for the DARPA Grand Challenge:

    NOVA | The Great Robot Race | PBS

    [ administered by SCORE (which was "seeded" way back in the 60's/70's by NORRA), which puts on the legendary Baja races: San Felipe 250, Baja 500, Baja 1000 ]

    "robot race in the Desert", i.e. AVN / Autonomous Vehicle Navigation. Martin Eberhard & I did our graduate work (Electrical Engineering) in the this area (CORE Technology for "robot cars" aka AVN) of

    "Artificial Intelligence / Computer Vision / Robotics"

    [ Martin's Masters thesis was in Robotics..mine was originally in this area as well (we both like "real world mechanical things", Martin was a sportscar fan back then with his black Ford '67 Mustang) I continued on with my PhD in Computer Vision. Our AARG (Advanced Automation Research Group) at Coordinated Science Laboratory/UIUC, was a "follower" (wannabee) to the leading AI (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Vision) powerhouses of MIT & Stanford (& CMU/Carnegie-Mellon Univ).

    The winner of the DARPA GC 2005/Primm was Stanford Univ (Dr Sebastian Thrun/Computer Science, post-doc at CMU), with 2nd going to CMU (Dr "Red" Whittaker, Robotics Lab). I.e., "Experience is a Great Teacher", the top 1-2 teams have a DEEP track-record in AI.

    To Tesla Motors Club "fanatics":
    You can start promoting this: Martin Eberhard's background in AI/Robotics/Computer Vision is related to his interest/startup in EV (Electric Vehicles), which is tied into the GENERAL concept of

    "Smart Cars" [ Electric, Hybrid, Hydrogen...gah!! With AVN (Autonomous Vehicle Navigation), Web/Internet integration ("Entertainment") as part of portfolio ]

    an Emerging Technology/Economy for potential Mass Consumer Market, a STEM based "stimulus package" for

    "Economic Recovery as part of America 2.0 Recovery/Renewal"

    a very Patriotic/Nationalistic "feel", which will attract the Top-People in Washington DC: President, Politicians ("jobs for their constituency"), DoD (Dept of Defense). THey will be "all over this", in terms of support (Moral, Policy, Fiscal)

    2) Indycar (hosts the Indy 500 "Greatest Spectacle in Sports", Biggest Race in the World by reputation)
    involved since 2006, this is the playground of rich Silicon Valley entrepreneurs like Kevin Kalkoven (billionaire Silicon Valley CEO Uniphase, friend of mine, we have worked together on Race stuff, including latest 2013 Indy 500 win, Tony Kanaan & Simona DeSIlvestro "Clean Nuclear" Sponsorship). See Long Beach GP & Indy 500 link:

    JUMPLIVE - Real Time Photo-Video Updates/OffRoad Racing

    [ KK is a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) cognizant guy who has been receptive to my STEM based queries/initiatives, whose team KV Racing Technology (kinda under-performed since 2005) reflects this.

    They finally got a breakthrough win at this years 2013 Indy 500, but they still need help..which explains my above startup "Technology Partnership" Initiative for Motorsports (incl Indycar). Aerodynamics ("Aero Package") integrated with Mechanical ("Mechanical package"), both of which are relevant to Tesla Motors & EV companies: Technology based "aerodynamic slippery-ness" & "mechanical/Computer Technology" (Electro-Mechanical drive-line) ]

    KK (& 2 other wealthy entrepreneurs Paul GEntilozzi & Gerald Forsythe of FCR/Forsythe Championship Racing) successfully bid for the bankrupt CART assets (the CART/IRL split killed off the Indycar brand-name), over other competitors like Zev Dr'ori (Tesla Motors CEO that succeeded Martin Eberhard, which later Elon Musk succeeded). Zev Dr'ori was a sportscar enthusiasts (like KK, Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk..he had a McLaren road-car worth 1 million before he sold it..& many other Silicon Valley icons), who also got into Racing..he raced the Toyota Long Beach Celebrity race

    - ALMS (American Le Mans series)
    Very much a Technology innovation series (above LMP1 Le Mans Prototype 1 class)

    - NHRA (National Hot Rod Association)
    who I've worked with back in 2009

    - Dakar Rally
    INTERESTING Offroad sector where Robby Gordon (famous Offroad racer & team-owner, pavement Racer..CART, NASCAR) has made pioneering advances as Volkswagen Touareg factory driver & later privateer effort (General Motors sponsored Hummer effort). Dakar Rally is the European counterpart (Rally racing over long distance) to the SouthWest USA based Offroad Racing (high stress-load extreme-duty environment, little more rugged than Dakar Rally)

    Tesla Motors MUST get involved with Motorsports, as extension/part of their Durability/Reliability program..OTHERWISE they're DONE (no long-term survivability & Economic Viability). Since, they will be at RISK for a devastating RECALL for Model S (or Model X)

    [ all major Auto Mfrs have them..that is FACT, but their deep-pockets allows them to sustain the crisis ]

    which will the END of Tesla Motors. I.e., the Achilles Heel of Tesla Motors "startup" is lack of a comprehensive R&D Program (especially in Durability/Reliability testing), as "insurance policy" agaiinst long-term engineering failures (manifesting as a critical Recall).

    I'm sure Elon Musk would be behind this ("all over this"), due to his Passion/Vision for EV..he's in it for the long-haul & Idealism ($$ is secondary). Martin Eberhard, as well. Despite their "falling out", they are UNIFIED in Tesla becoming a long-term player as Auto Mfr, not just an "instigator" (DISRUPTION in Automotive). Tesla Motors is already a SUCCESS, via the latter -- they "lit the fire" under Major Auto Mfrs in pushing them towards Hybrid & EV (e.g. General Motors Volt hybrid, now Spark EV)
  4. chimpanzee

    chimpanzee Member

    Dec 8, 2007
    pasadena, ca
    #4 chimpanzee, Jun 7, 2013
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    It's due to the Nissan Leaf being manufactured in Tennessee. Ford, Nissan, Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive were recipients of DoE (Dept of Energy) ATVM (Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing) loan:

    Ford 4.9 Billion
    Nissan 1.6 Billion (for Nissan Leaf, mfr'd in Tennessee)
    Tesla Motors 450 million (for Model S production)
    Fisker Automotive 520 million (for Karma hybrid production..apparently ending BADLY, bankruptcy)

    This spurs the question, how is Tesla Motors going to keep up with their Model S "mass production", with an equivalent "mass consumer" charging network?

    Ala Nissan?

    This suggests an equivalent DoE (Dept of Energy) stimulus program, for "Sustainable Energy". I.e., solar based charging networks for EV, Hybrids..across USA

    Elon Musk & Tesla Motors shouldn't have to take the "brunt" of putting in EXPENSIVE superchargers around the USA. There should be some "partnership" (say with Solar Energy startups) with Govt "assistance" (stimulus program, paralleling DoE/ATVM)

    "A GOOD PLAN will beat a Good Idea..anyday, 10 to 1"
    -- Bob B, Offroad Racing marketing guru

    "Go into it [ breaking into New Territory, whether it be Research or Business ]..with a GROUP OF PEOPLE"
    --Dr Alan Barr, Computer Science professor

    Tesla Motors is still kinda "dying on the vine", in terms of being a "lone wolf" in cut-throat Automotive Industry. MORE partnership are required ("protective umbrella"), otherwise they could easily become a casualty in the rough-tumble world of Evolution. They are ONE bad recall (devastating to brand-name recognition, with consequent catastrophics loss in sales), from "going under". They are already showing signs of "stress" in dealing with mass-production of Model S:

    - can't keep up with Customer Service demand
    KEY to any business, complaints surfacing on this forum

    - niggling problems with Model S
    software glitches galore (incl hood & trunk & doors opening at random..TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for a $50K price-point luxury sedan), form-and-fit issues (gap on driver side rear door, 1/4" extrusion on front-right hood)

    A partnership in Motorsports (which ALL the major AUto Mfrs have..Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Volkswagen, etc), which will help "fine tune" the Durability/Reliability aspect of their mass-production cars (Model S & Model X)/ The Big 3 (Chevy/GM, Ford, Dodge/Chrysler) all were involved with Indycar & NASCAR, for development of Mechanical Engineering related Technology..mutually beneficial to both parties (Race teams, Race series AND Auto Mfr companies). Leading technologies originated from Motorsports:

    - rear-view mirror

    - disc brakes
    Indycar or NASCAR..forgot which

    - SAFETY
    helmets, restraint systems, etc

    See below pic from Chevrolet exhibit (Chevrolet is an engine supplier for Indycar, along with Honda..Lotus..Tesla Roadster "partner"/supplier was an engine supplier in 2012, but FAILED due to "too little, TOO LATE")


    You can see their illustration of "Technology Development" (incl disc brakes)..Chevrolet/Corvette has long/strong presence in ALMS (American Le Mans Series), the Compuware sponsored (yellow) Corvette. Itwas (legendary) Roger Penske (15 time Indy 500 winner, as owner) who used his inside connections to bring in Chevrolet as an engine supplier, to help a struggling Indycar (lone engine supplier..Honda). There's another IMPENDING DEAL about to be made (I will be involved with it) with Indycar & other Tech sectors (possibly involving Tesla Motors), to parallel the Penske/Chevrolet deal. I spoke with the Chevrolet Indycar Manager, mentioned Martin Eberhard (who made good friends with Bob Lutz, former GM Head), who is in close communication with Bob Lutz (got an email THAT morning). So, the "stage is set" for a STEM based "stimulus package" for Indycar & other entities (Tesla Motors??)


    Chevrolet was there in FORCE (large display area), with Volt hybrid, Spark (gas..not EV version whose delivery is AHEAD of schedule). Leading Chevy-engine Indycar drivers did presentations from a stage -- Andretti AUtosports drivers (Ryan Hunter-Reay who won last years 2012 Drivers Championships), Tony Kanaan (this years 2013 Indy 500 winning driver!! whose team I'm tied with, owned by Billionaire former CEO Uniphase..Silicon Valley Tech entrepreneur)

    That is one GLARING OMISSION in Tesla Motors "portfolio", an ACTIVE Motorsports partnership. The latter is what I'm working on for Motorsports (in general), getting "rich & Knowledge" sectors (ALternative Energy, Silicon Valley Tech, DARPA, Academia) involved in some sort of "Technology Partnership". So, mass-market Consumers can expect a "better prepared" Product (Durability/Reliability issues addressed).

    You will recall that 2007 crisis at Tesla Motors, the (multi-speed) gearbox breakage problem for the Tesla Roadster. It led to Production delays (complicated by EM's micro-managing..demanding the BEST for V 1.0 release: folding handles, LED headlights, NEW chassis re-design, etc), which led to a Personnel Crisis..Martin Eberhard (& other key people) being "let go".ka "Blood bath at Tesla" There have been further loss of key personnel (Peter Rawlinson & his assistant), so this is another concern: loss of IP (Intellectual Property)

    "It's all about [ quality ] PEOPLE"
    -- xxx, DoD/Dept of Defense consultant on "winning wars"

    People usually think about Planes, Tanks, Artillery, Ships as being the key ingredients for "winning Wars", when in fact it's a soft-tissue matter -- PEOPLE.

    THIS is another concern for Tesla Motors, whether it can recruite QUALITY PEOPLE to its startup, for long-term Survivability & Economic viability. Recent Customer Service "issues" also points to SAME "people" thing.


    Parallel between Tesla Motors & Apple Computer ("Convergent Evolution")

    "It starts from the Top [ boss-man ]"

    I think a GREAT model is that of Steve Jobs & Apple, how they both came into their "2.0 Recovery" programs, to lead Apple into their STUNNING success. Just 6 months from BANKRUPTCY (around '98), Steve Jobs came in with his

    Vision / Leadership / Execution

    & "manhandled" Apple into recovery & Victory. He

    - fired 2 BoDs (Board of Directors)
    you can't get it done..YOU'RE FIRED

    - cut costs
    got R&D projects down to 6 (?), down from 15 (via previous Apple CEO Gil Amelio)..which had ballooned to 450 previously!!

    - did a deal with Bill Gates/Microsoft
    got some revenue-stream going

    - started the iMac concept ("Innovate your way into Success.."out of the current mess")
    what was a "toy concept" (colorful all-in-one computers), EVOLVED into the STUNNING i-Device revolution. 1st iPod (completely REVOLUTIONIZED Digital Music distribution, which was WAITING for an innovator like Jobs to "Seize the Day"..Carpe Diem), then iPhone (REVOLUTIONIZED the M.O. of Smarthpone UI/User Interface, & Industry itself), then iPad (DEFINED a new Emerging sector)

    Does Elon Musk have the "it factor" like Steve Jobs, to pull off the above?? He certainly has the Passion/Will/Vision. He is lacking a STRONG R&D componenet (for Innovation), i.e. a bunch of go-getter PhDs who have access to high-end Academia (Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Provosts, Dean of College of Engineering, etc) who can help with a Collaborative/Cooperative Program/Infrastructure. To better PREPARE Alternative Fuel startups (Tesla Motors is one of them..EV), for their DISRUPTIVE campaign against "old Auto" (just like EV is going against "old Oil"):

    "Risk Management"
    -- Bobby Baldwin, pioneering Las Vegas casino owner (youngest Poker Champion at the time), MGM executive, runs 12 Billion City Center Project, friend & "partner" (for my projects)

    [ it should be noted that Las Vegas has Tesla Motors vehicles for various promotions & businesses (Model S rental company), this is a "rich sector" that is Technology aware/cognizant, & NOT AFRAID to invest in Technology ]

    There is a great metaphor between Poker & Life/Business. You are dealt some cards, you gradually build up a stronger "hand", make CALCULATED RISKS for RoI (Return on Investment) using chips as investment

    Basically, Tesla Motors is "gambling" everything on its Model S release, where the GLARING OMISSION are some key-factors in long-term Surviviability & Economic viability:

    - lack of R&D program
    internal & external (say, Collaborative/Cooperative Program with Academia, Industry..say Solar, Battery Tech, Nano Tech, Bio Tech)

    - lack of Motorsports Partnership
    traditional strategy of using Motorsports to help with Durabilty/Reliability testing. I.e., 2 races can give you nearly 40K test miles on say.. a General Motors Vehicle Test facility. Example: Formula 1 is partnering with Alternative Fuel Technology (re-generative braking), in its recent KERS (Kinetic Energy Reduction System). Injecting $$ & Mfr involvement into the Sport (key thing for any Motorsports). Indycar (N. American counterpart to European Formula 1) ISN"T doing this either (they have their own problems..Upper Management turmoil, that devastating CART/IRL split in mid 90's). BUt, that means 2 "under performing entitites" (Tesla Motors & Indycar), are setup for a "perfect Partnership".

    The FACT that Tesla MOtors had their Model S at the recent pre Long Beach Grand Prix promotional event ("Roar onthe Shore"), means that SOMEBODY at Tesla Motors was COGNIZANT enough about Motorsports (e.g. Indycar), to make the INITIAL move towards this direction! In conjunction with my efforts

    [ partnership with Billionaire Kevin Kalkhoven, former Silicon Valley entrepreneur CEO Uniphase..Fiber Optics, who owns KV Racing Technology..whose LEAD driver Tony Kanaan just WON the prestigious Indy 500 ("Greatest Spectacle in Sports"). His other driver Simona DeSilvestro (Switzerland). has heavy STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Sponsorship via "Clean Nuclear" Entergy & Areva. I'm working with them for further STEM Outreach (have to keep CONFIDENTIAL for now)'s related to Space..Elon Musk's OTHER startup SpaceX (Privatization of Space) ]

    this SHOULD get Tesla Motors involved with Indycar (or other Technology oriented Motorsports, say ALMS..American Le Mans Series)

    "Convergent Evolution & Convergence"

    [ Convergent Evolution is a Concept from Biology/Ecosystems, where "similar environmental conditions" lead to SIMILAR evolutionary characterisitcs. I.e., Motorsports & AUtomotive are such "comparative systems", there is a STRONG history of Cooperation/Collaboration between these "similar Convergent Evolution" ecosystems. Tesla Motors is about to get "mated" with Indycar (or ALMS), or even Formula 1 ]

    Everyone here on Tesla Motors Club is ROOTING ("screaming" reallly...) for Tesla Motors to "make it BIG". They need HELP..partnerships & key Tech (esp PhDs) people. That FAMOUS Motorsports concept of "teamwork" (Chief Engineer, Tech Director, Crew Chief, Mechanics, Team Managers, Team Owners, etc), that you hear from winning-drivers in Victory Circle.

    So, I say to you TMC "fanatics"..Tesla Motors must have an effort towards Motorsports:

    "Indycar..or BUST"


    Note the "subliminal reference" to "Old NASA" (DISCONTINUED Space Shuttle program), being DISRUPTED by Privatization of Space, e.g. SpaceX (Elon Musk CEO). Elon Musk (with assitance from Martin Eberhard's co-founding of Tesla Motors) is a KEY FIGURE in DISRUPTION of TWO Emerging Technology/Economy sectors:

    1) EV/Electric Vehicles
    part of Alternative Fuel, part of Alternative Energy..BIG stimulus $$ by DoE (Dept of Energy)

    2) Privatization of Space
    many Silicon Valley Tech entrepreneurs, are pouring their windfall profits into a New Sector (STEM related)

    which prompts the following:

    "Back Elon Musk..OR BUST"

    "Go Elon..GO!"

    "Speed is LIFE"
    -- Motorsports saying

    Elon is Smart, Aggressive, "knows what he wants", has great Vision/Passion. Question is, is he making the right moves in terms of "Leadership & Execution" (as per Steve Jobs Vision / Leadership / Execution), to turn BOTH SpaceX AND Tesla Motors into an Apple 2.0 "Powerhouse"?? That "Tesla Bloodbath" authored by Elon...

    ( forcing out U of Illinois alumni Martin Eberhar & Caltech engineering alumni Wally Rippel..latter of General Motors EV1 prototype fame at Aerovironment, along with fellow Caltech alumni Alan Cocconi, whose company ACP / AC Propulsion was SAVED from bankruptyc by M. Eberhard, & PEM (Power Electronics Module) technology licensed for Tesla Roadster ) of CONCERN. It means Elon is NOT cognizant of Engineering isssues (asking them to do the IMPOSSIBLE, goes" only so far"), recall the lawsut by M. Eberhard claiming Elon doesn't have a claimed Physics degree from U of Penn. It sounds like Tesla Motors needs a Vice President (to work with Elon) on R&D related issues. Otherwise, Tesla Motors will be going WITHOUT the "protective Umbrella" of R&D..KNOWLEDGE (1 of the National Treasures of America -- it's STRONG Academia..reflected in Nobel Prizes, etc)

    "Fore-Knowledge is key to success on batllefield [ or Business ]"

    ""What enables the wise sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is FOREKNOWLEDGE. Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits; it cannot be obtained from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.

    Knowledge of the enemy's dispositions can only be obtained from other men.Knowledge of the spirit world is to be obtained by divination; information in natural sciences may be sought by inductive reasoning; the laws of the universe can be verified by mathematical calculation;

    [ this is what Telsa Motors is MISSING, KNOWLEDGE derived from R&D..their current flaw is TOO MUCH "throwing $$ at the problem" ]

    but the dispositions of the enemy are ascertainable through spies and spies alone."

    -- Sun Tzu "Art of War", taught at leading Business Colleges in USA (incl U of Penn, where Elon got his Economics degree)

    "Motorsports [ or Automotive Mfr'ing ] is a THINKING MAN's game [ Knowledge & Experience ]"
    -- Walley Dallenbach

    Stay tuned, there are "forces behind the Scenes" (me & Martin Eberhard) working towards this..I wanted Martin to accompany me (& 2 other PhDs) to this years 2013 Indy 500. I was there representing TWO other PhDs (Aerospace ENgineering PhD professors, both with background/track-record in Motorsports: Indycar & Formula 1. The top F1 teams have an average budget of 200 MILLION..per year. It's the #1 Sport in the World, even ahead of Soccer. LOTS of $$, LOTS of Technology, LOTS of Ego, LOTS of testerone, LOTS of Politics.

    It should be noted that Elon Musk formerly owned a McLaren F1 roadcar, worth over 1 million. Both Ferrari & McLaren have a spinoff of their F1 Technology Development -- their high-end sportscars. In fact, Ferrari's involvement with F1 supports their high-end sportscar (Auto Mfr'ing) business. Hmm... Tesla Motors IMPENDING involvement in Motorosports does ______ (fill in the blank) for its Auto Mfr'ing business.
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    You're making it unnecessarily difficult for the mods, and annoying the rest of us.

    @Mods - Thank you in advance.
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    chimpanzee ... your post is all over the place! It makes it hard to follow|respond|figure out what you were trying to say.

    (@brianman, when you say 'this topic', WHICH topic are you talking about? There are several.)
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