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Tesla Smartthings Integration

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I have been a long time user of Smartthings and am very much into home automation. It's a hobby of mine that I have easily spent over $8,000 (including Sonos). Since getting my Tesla a couple of weeks ago, I have been hard at work trying to see how I can integrate my new shiny toy into my environment. I wanted to share my story.

The integration is two fold and neither of the methods where created by me, but I have enhanced them to my liking.

1) The first thing I did was use a smartapp called "Simple Device Viewer" which displays dashboards in a web browser and I've formatted it to look very nice in the Tesla browser. I have customized the dashboard further with CSS and have created many virtual switches tied together with IFTTT to perform actions such as "Coming Home", which texts my wife when I am on the way home (to get dinner ready!). Mailbox Status tells me if I have to walk down my long driveway to get the mail. The others are self explanatory and I also have control of some lights and alarm status, etc in other tabs. One thing to note, this URL can be accessed by anyone as it has a Smartthings token. For this reason, I would not put locks or anything too sensitive in there. I also plan on putting the car in Valet mode to make sure people who borrow the car can't access it. This smartapp can be found here: [RELEASE] Simple Device Viewer

2) The second thing I am using is a device handler in Smartthings that was written by a developer which I am currently enhancing. It's not nearly done, but we have some of the basics done already. It involves running a python script on a web server which then reaches out to the Tesla API's. The developer was concerned about security and wanted to keep his credentials local and not store them in Smartthings. With this integration the possibilities are endless. You can pretty much automate anything you want. The basic version and details can be found here: Basic Tesla Integration

If anyone has any questions, please let me know!