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Tesla Sneaks a Slower Computer into Model 3s in China

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Tesla said it installed older computers in several China-built Model 3s, rather than the latest self-driving computer, pinning the blame on supply chain issues.

The issue was discovered when several Model 3 owners in China noticed that the part number of their computer didn’t match the FSD computer, though it was noted in sales documents.

In a statement to Pandaily, a tech publication based in Beijing, Tesla said “HW2.5 and HW3.0 are virtually the same for owners who did not purchase additional FSD service.”

Tesla said it will retrofit the cars with older computers at no charge when “production capacity and supply chains recover.”

Tesla didn’t offer additional details regarding the supply chain, only that coronavirus affected inventory of FSD computers. The most frustrating part is Tesla’s decision is the attempt to sneak the lesser computer past customers. It seems Tesla would have been better off being upfront about the temporary computers.

Tesla introduced the computer last April. It packs a Samsung-built chip that the company claims has 21-times the performance of the previous Tesla hardware powered by Nvidia.

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They snuck HW 2.5 into US vehicles way after HW 3.0 was available also. Then sold them to unsuspecting buyers who ordered FSD with their vehicles by just enabling the FSD software. Now we get to wait for our HW 3.0 retrofit before we can take advantage of the improvements that SHOULD have been included in the vehicle ordered/purchased.
.... history repeats. Several cars already have been sold w/ FSD ... only to get traded in ... then Tesla pulls it ... then they get to sell it again ... only the necessary hardware isn't there anyway - as tons of HW2 owners get told HW3 isn't necessary until FSD is available. This China thing is just another form of the already in existence switcheroo going on elsewhere in the world - jyst like comment #2 says.