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Tesla Software Updates for Model 3 New Zealand

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I've noticed no change as its still slow at changing lanes and moving away from stopping behind other cars. Braking is still happening when cars are parked on the side of roads. I'm going to try if moving closer to the centre line this may stop this. I always have my foot on the go peddle to stop this braking as soon as it happens.
Tonight Panther suggested to right angle park when I paralleled parked with no parked cars or parking lines around me.
It can only get better over the next 12 months so looking forward to future updates.
I find it fun not knowing what Panther is going to do next using autopilot.
300 for paint correction and 600 for paint protection. Caprice Car Valet Takapuna is who Precision uses for there repaired vehicles and I've found them excellent when Caprice restored my BMW black paint after salt water baked to the black paint work after a Picton ferry trip back to Wellington. I purchased a Tesla Model 3 car cover in San Francisco and I'll purchase a BMW cover as well as this is cheaper than having to get black paint sorted again @300 each time. I'll have Caprice apply paint protection to our BMW Convertible toy next.
I visited Obsessive Car Detailing(Penrose Auckland) today to check out what they suggest I do, once they had looked over the car.
Sam was impressed with the quality of paint and said very little paint correction would be required. As I intend keeping the car for sometime I have opted for a 7Yr ceramic coating with the paint correction beforehand. Booked in for 14th Jan. There were several rather expensive cars there today and the results were looking very impressive.
Good to see Tesla paint is getting better. Most have said they are going to hold onto their Tesla's longer than previous ICE vehicles. This may mean money for an extra toy or trips away. Hopefully when the time comes to hand in my drivers licence my Tesla will be able to autopilot me all over NZ.
Got 40.2.1 yesterday. Haven’t been out in rain yet. It’s the 7th update I’ve gotten in about 10 weeks of ownership! From a marketing perspective OTA updates are Tesla’s not-so-secret sauce. Of course they constantly improve the car but it’s the way they make owners feel that locks in the brand value
Just one drop of rain the wipers come on now. They came on at the entrance of north/western tunnel going west on a very sunny day and must have had something to do with shading.
I'm hoping for a fix over phantom braking due a slight down hill up hill then a corner almost all at once on Hobsonville Road, I don't know how Tesla will fix phantom braking but the car doesn't learn by itself not too over 3 months.