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Tesla Solar app accuracy

I had Tesla solar panels installed in April of this year. I always felt there was a discrepancy between Tesla solar enegy produce and home consumption, but not until the recent Tesla app update where you can look at historical data did I sit down and calculate some numbers together.

I looked at a 5 month old bill from my energy company. I live in Central Florida, so this would be Duke Energy. I broke it down by the 31 days that I was billed for. I was billed for 772khw for the month. My Tesla solar app showed between May 3rd to June 3rd a Home Usage of 2148.1 kwh, solar energy produce of 1672.3 kwh, from grid (kwh) 1420.7, and to grid 944.6 kwh. The important numbers I would think is the difference between home usage and solar energy produce, so that would be 475.8 kwh that I required from the energy company. I have high consumption because both my wife and I work from home in a 3k square foot home, pool, and we also charge our Model 3 at home. Below I attached a screenshot of my consumption for that month. It states 772 kwh. Wouldn't it actually be closer to 475.8? Am I reading something wrong here?


If you do the math from the left side they must keep track of something differently than just net metering. The total recieived was 928 and their total was 1700 which is how they came up with 772. Perhaps they track usage in 15 minute or one hour increments so the totals don't net out like they would with your Tesla calculation. We have something similar in California with NEM 2.0 which keeps separate buckets for consumption in every15 minute increment.