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tesla specific suggestion email?

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does tesla engineering have a suggestion box?

for example, I want to suggest adding a "record and learn my daily route" feature, where my car would record my commute. after I have driven it a few times, presumably the autopilot would learn where the street lane dividers, etc., are., by watching me. (I am driving near Sunset and the 405, and the Tesla autopilot does not understand that there are two pairs of yellow lines separating the traffic east and west. (as a result, it crosses the center line.) repeating / following the same route is a computational problem that is a lot simpler problem than trying to figure out lane markings more generally.

for example, the media player should have a 10-sec rewind/skip feature for mp3 files.

for example, ...

I don't want to hijack this but it seems a logical place to add a suggestion to Tesla.

I would really like the cruise control to automatically adjust to changes in speed limit.

If I am currently set at the automatic setting (Speed Limit +/- nn) change it.
If I have set a manual speed limit don't change it.

Mine is a P85D. I am totally in love with it and still get a buzz every time I get in even though I have had it almost 15 months.