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Tesla Store - Gilroy, CA (now open, service center coming)

I happened to be driving on the 101 today and noticed the old Toyota dealership in Gilroy had a new sign on it. Looks like they are adding a service center and a showroom. I would estimate a couple months left of work but the parking lot is freshly sealed.

It is located at 500 Automall Dr. Gilroy, CA 95020


Here are some shots of the front of the building



It's my first post here so sorry if there is another post on this, but didn't see anything yet.

This will be a great location for south bay owners like me!
I happened to be driving on the 101 today and noticed the old Toyota dealership in Gilroy had a new sign on it. Looks like they are adding a service center and a showroom. I would estimate a couple months left of work but the parking lot is freshly sealed.

It is located at 500 Automall Dr. Gilroy, CA 95020

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Here are some shots of the front of the building

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It's my first post here so sorry if there is another post on this, but didn't see anything yet.

This will be a great location for south bay owners like me!
Nice first post! Welcome aboard. Had hoped it might be in MH with the ICE dealerships here along 101 but looks like a good location. And anyone looking for a new car, hopefully BEV, will see Tesla there and check them out even if they were leaning towards another brand. That Automall Drive area there has almost all the major manufacturers and nice to see Tesla among them actually and within walking distance of each other to make finding Tesla just as easy when shopping.
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With covid especially affecting car buying there's been a lot of changes in car dealerships in the Automall Parkway and Automall Drive area of Gilroy. Kind of like musical chairs and a few new owners coming in to take over dealerships. The location where Tesla will now occupy was at least since 2015 South County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram after they took it over from Toyota who moved to their current location on Automall Parkway. Chevy Cadillac, owned by Gill Auto Group, used to be across from South County and that location now will be Nissan, which previously was located on Automall Parkway. However Gill Auto Group around December took over the former South County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership and moved it's location to 455 Automall Drive. South County Hyndai's sales closed (service was still open in Nov 2020).

Back in November, 2020 Gilroy was looking to attract new dealerships to the automall area and considering incentives to do so. Their outlet stores had shut down during covid so a big loss to revenue for the city. Tesla may have been able to take advantage of a new incentive program offered by Gilroy; and if so, got in at a good time and when their vehicle production is taking off and in need of more service centers to meet the needs of local customers. Tesla's mobile service is great and can handle a lot of service requests at your home or office location but still some things require a service center visit. I have heard for a few years now that South County would be likely getting a service center. Ford (with their Mustang Mach-e) and Honda have their sales and service locations north of Gilroy in Morgan Hill. I'm sure Morgan Hill which offers incentives since 2002 would have loved to have snagged Tesla to their auto area along 101.

Being at the end of the Automall Drive cul-de-sac circle gives Tesla good exposure for vehicles traveling 101 north or south. I assume this location will be a Tesla store and service center and likely drop off location for new Teslas on the trailers coming from the factory too. Pretty big parking lot around the backside for deliveries.

Should be interesting to see how Tesla competitors change up things in lieu of Tesla's sales model.
Yeah I remember back when my parents first bought their Gen 1 Prius there in that Toyota Dealership. Will be interesting when we hopefully get our new X in a couple months. Maybe it will be available there by the time it actually becomes available. I do think it will be a showroom as well, They are keeping the front area similar to what I remember Toyota had a decade or more ago.

Hopefully they can do a starlink ground station there as well, as our internet just outside of Gilroy is rarely at 100Mbps and with covid having several of us at home it causes dropped meetings.
We had to be down on 10th Street today and before heading home decided to run by the new location for a look. Need to make some corrections to my above post about changes in that area different from what was in the local papers last year. The Chevy/Cadillac dealership looks to be staying put directly across from where Tesla is going in. Nissan who I understood was going in there instead has a huge new showroom on Automall Pkwy near Toyota. Definite attention getter. The dealership building to the right of Tesla’s new home is completely empty. I saw the Jeep/Ram/etc building (formerly where Tesla will be) down from Chevy/Cadillac on that same side. Hyundai’s service center was open and the sales office had a huge banner “under new ownership”. There’s a Buick dealership at the corner of Automall Pkwy and Automall Drive.

We drove past the MH Ford dealership (site of the workplace shooting and death not that long ago) and the lot next to them had signage and a number of vehicles in the lot already (no building just a sales or construction trailer) announcing future home of Jeep/etc. The Gilroy location and the MH one are pretty close to each other so found that interesting. No high end luxury dealerships like Benz or Porsche, etc in this general area. So that’s Tesla’s immediate competition in this area south of San Jose. A few of them have EVs. Closest Tesla stores/service centers would be Santa Clara and Sunnyvale on the peninsula I think.

The Tesla building and lot area look like a lot of square footage. I really think they will do well on Automall Drive in Gilroy.
It should be great for that especially any issues along 152. Might even have some super chargers there someday in case target or the outlets get overloaded. I'm hoping they add more to firebaugh in terms of a lobby or food. Harris ranch looks to be getting 80 more v3 chargers as well.

Not sure exactly what you mean in your post. There are superchargers on 152 going east to I-5. Those were built out a little while ago at the Casa DeFruita location. Comes up on Tesla’s Nav as Hollister I think.

I kind of doubt they would put SC at the Gilroy Tesla store/SvC for public charging use. Too crowded an area already with cars.
Gilroy is heavily trafficked with people traveling between the bay and LA. We can always use more chargers. Monterey service center has public chargers so there is a precedent set nearby. I don't think they would add many but would be a great backup location or at the very least would be for when servicing was complete.
I would venture to guess the Gilroy SvC/store will have some charging behind gates like some of the other service centers for their own internal use and if they become a south bay delivery center as well they would need to charge cars being delivered. Between the SCs at Casa deFruita, the Gilroy outlets and the Gilroy Target ones, the area does have a number of SCs. Morgan Hill isn’t that far north on 101 and there’s more further north of that; and people coming from the south have several locations coming up 101. With the increased pricing in Calif during the 10am-7pm hours ($.40kWh) I suspect that will influence when locals who can charge at the 50% discounted rate hours ($.20kWh from 7pm-10am) will do so if they don’t charge at home.

We were down a few years ago for Monterey Car Week for a Tesla thank you event at the Monterey store/SvC. That location I believe was one of the original SC locations set up and it was some time before Seaside and the one at the Monterey Del Monte shopping center opened so not surprised the SvC there had SC that were accessible and remained that way. They also had coded bathroom access. We’ve stopped in Salinas a few times on way up 101 north, and understand a second Salinas location will open and Sand City is coming. There’s Greenfield that opened up as well.

Tesla’s had a lot of SC expansion during the pandemic when not as many cars were on the roads but their car sales still increased. Additional SvCs however haven’t been as high a priority what with mobile I guess but good to see movement on that front now.
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Gilroy Dispatch article on the new location. Article says Tesla has it listed with a phone number already on their website although phone number is non-working presently.



Tesla’s website lists this as a Store so maybe will open first as this until they get the service area equipped and staffed. Store icon isn’t gray, so is this open already as a store?
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Husband is down in Gilroy now running errands and stopped by to check status. Hopefully photos from there but he says there are 3s and Ys out front, maybe for test drives since it shows the scheduling button on the Store’s webpage. And he sees cars in showroom. He said he’d stop in and ask about SvC and delivery center as well. Cool! That was fast on their part.

ok couple of photos

Service center - maybe by end of year, they moved in without doing any remodeling but it’s going to be a total interior remodel. Giving test drives right now. Mentioned there was a performance model there as well. No S or Xs at location yet. Largest Tesla showroom and parking lot than any other location in the area so expecting this to be a big location for them in general. More parking on 101 side and in back of property. That’s 101 to the right in 3rd photo so great highway exposure.
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In area shopping so stopped in to see how things were going. No idea yet when they’ll see an S or X. They will be a delivery center btw. We were told the Store remodeling would start soon. The staff will be working in a small glassed in area while the work is done. Pretty quiet there mid afternoon but were told that Sunday they were busy with Test drives all day.
In the area Friday night and grabbed this photo of the location. Store remodel appears completed. Hours are posted on Tesla’s site - open 7 days a week from 10am to 7pm. No idea about Service completion though. Anyone been there during the day to check out both areas?


The Tesla Website lists this location currently as a Store. Not even a grayed out SC “coming”. Wonder how much longer the wait will be.
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