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Tesla Tequila.. minus the tequila


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Jul 17, 2019
Bath, UK
The famous Tesla Tequila is available to buy in the UK..

...albeit without any actual alcohol in it, for £130.

I'm torn between thinking it's not the worst way to spend that sort of money, on a bit of objet d'art, assuming Tesla haven't made like a million of them. At the same time it's £130 for a glass decanter.

Interestingly empty ones are going for like $300 odd on eBay USA...
While folk are (gullible) prepared to pay that sort of money for a naff logo bit of glassware there's no hope of tesla spare prices/repairs becoming realistic. With no apologies for everyone I've just offended. Once travel is permitted again I suggest you all drive to Czechia and see some truly stunning lead crystal being hand cut and commission yourelves something unique and truly beautiful (for a lot less). Or some of the superb hand engraved Austrian crystalware.
Purchasers need to read the small print...

  • Only top up to 100% for extended usage immediately afterwards. NEVER leave empty.
  • Idle fees apply: For every additional minute the Decanter remains full, it will incur an idle fee. If it is drunk within 5 minutes, the fee is waived. Idle fees only apply when the Decanter is at 50% capacity or more. Idle fees double when the Decanter is at 100% capacity.
  • Full Self Control not available in all circumstances.
  • Phantom Breaking could occur at any time.
Even though the decanters are still available from Tesla, they are already starting to appear with a hefty markup on eBay 🤣