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Tesla Theater / MCU1 / Sentry Playback

Lots of conversation about MCU1 and the fact that many of the V10 features are simply not compatible. For me, the theater mode is not all that important. I can't see a lot of need to watch video on my screen. Perhaps in our 3, but I digress.

My real concern here is that Tesla Theater will be the medium for Sentry Mode video playback soon. And THAT is a feature I want.

Pure conjecture, but thoughts?
A few threads in this forum suggest that Tesla SW dev is deprecating MCU1 for some features. That may be true.

Having now used MCU1 on my Model S and used a Model 3 MCU, the CPU performance seems the most likely impediment to any new CPU-heavy features. The difference is like iPad 2 Vs iPad Pro. The new MCU is much more responsive with much faster graphic updates. As an aside, SW updates take about half the time to install.

sure, there may be some optimisation SW devs could turn to to perhaps squeeze more out of the MCU1. But I think that’s unlikely for features like theatre and games now.

I have some MCU2 envy, hey, it’s always nice to have the latest, fastest. But then I get in my Model S and recall that all my MBs had pretty dire interfaces that make MCU1 look like something from another world. Looking around at most car interiors and interfaces I’m so glad I got the Tesla.
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Possibly. But MCU1 doesn’t have real sentry mode anyway, so playback isn’t even relevant as videos are never recorded in the first place.

Now, since most Tesla have real sentry mode and it is hard to tell MCU1 vs MCU2, MCU1 people still benefit from the deterrent effect. Kind of like heard immunity.

MCU has nothing to do with sentry (except for rear cam recording in V10). Has to do with AP version. Any AP version 2.5 and up has some sort of Sentry Mode with recording.

AP 2 has the visualizations only and AP 1 has nothing.
MCU1 and AP2 is just placebo / mimicry sentry mode that does not even record footage anywhere?

MCU1 and AP2.5 has full sentry functionality except for rear cam?

So what happens when a AP2 car gets upgraded to HW3? No reported cases of this happening however right?