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Tesla tire inflator fail


2021 MYLR VIN 88,XXX, Rd/Wh, 12/20 delivery
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Oct 28, 2020
Fort Worth
Heads-up. I tried to use the Tesla branded tire inflator, and it wouldn't run...kept stopping, unless I held the on/off switch down. Defective switch.

I notified the Tesla Store, they're sending me a new one.

If you own the Tesla pump, I'd recommend trying it out to make sure they didn't get a batch of bad pumps from their supplier.
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Is it possible to plug into wall socket for the m12?
With some DIY elbow grease, yes. I made such a contraption for my m18 batteries which was mostly an acdemic excercise as I never used more than once in years :) For an inflator I find it not necessary at all. Small inflators will have trouble getting 4 wheels from nothing to full mostly due to overheat, not battery. If you are topping off or reinflating one, a 6ah batt is more than enough (and can be charged from usb, albeit slowly as these power tools are yet to catch up to usb c PD). YMMV, caveat emptor, yadda yadda.