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Tesla to Raise FSD Price by $1,000

Chief Executive Elon Musk says consumers need to pay up for the “full self-driving” option on their cars, saying it could have a value of $100,000.

Tesla will increase the price of the option by $1,000 starting July 1, Musk tweeted Monday. FSD launched as a $5,000 add-on until the automaker raised to the current price of $7,000.

“The FSD price will continue to rise as the software gets closer to full self-driving capability with regulatory approval,” Musk said tweeted. “[At] that point, the value of FSD is probably somewhere in excess of $100,000.”

While consumers can buy the feature now, “full self-driving” is not fully baked. The car still needs some driver assistance. But, Tesla continues to promise the full experience soon.

Musk believes as the cars continually gain autonomous capability, their value will rise. Tesla plans to use the autonomous features to launch a robo-taxi network in the future, which Musk says will turn the cars into money-makers for owners.

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I can understand raising the price on new cars. But I don't see why Tesla thinks it makes sense to raise the price of FSD on older cars.

If someone didn't think it was worth $6,000 when they bought the car, and didn't think it was worth $7,000 last year. Why do they think that that person going to be tempted this year for $8,000?

Everyday that goes by the utility goes down because the car is closer to the grave and there are fewer days left to use it. And at the same time Tesla is raising the price?

It feels like they are actively trying to discourage people from adding it to older vehicles.
I think that is why Elon has be speaking of subscriptions. For the older Cars I believe that the Subscription model will probably be the way to go.
If they thought people would find it to be worth $7000, they would have sold the cars with it active for 30-90 days then turn it off. This is the model most digital upgrades sold by. They are convinced once you experience the enhanced functionality, you won't want to be without it.

Apparently Tesla is very worried that people won't believe FSD is worth $7000. When a salesman demo'd it to me (he would not let me drive), it missed the offramp in 'drive by navigation' mode. And there was only one offramp, and it was right near their shop.

In February, when my Wife and I test drove the Model 3 after I had already ordered my Model Y in Columbus, Ohio. The Salesman took a copy of our Drivers Licenses, handed us the Key Card, Programmed the Navigation System and gave us a quick tutorial and said have fun and be back in 45 minutes.

I drove from the Sales Center about 1/2 mile to Interstate 270 Southbound and moved left to the center lane, about 2 miles down the highway, the Model 3 moved over two lanes to the right and made a sharp turn onto a S shaped on-ramp onto I-670 Westbound. It executed the turn perfectly just as the Salesman had stated. He actually gave us a little heads up to its executing the ramp.
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MS LR Blk/Blk 19” FSD BETA 2nd round
May 1, 2015
Gainesville GA
If I had to pick one, Reverse summon would be my bet. The car can see lines and pavement arrows(hardware 3.0) that should make parking in a parking lot fairly easy. Or the car will pick a spot between 2 cars like autopark does. Traffic light response still has a way to go, my car picks up stop signs for streets intersecting at an angle and slams on the brakes then figures that stop sign wasn't for us, and speeds back up.
I actually enjoy walking and always park forever away from the entrance to anywhere I am going just fo the walk. If it was pouring rain I might actually use it but never on a regular basis. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'm surprised at so many here are upset with the FSD price. Obviously, it'll never get to $100,000 or close to it. Elon is just stating the value to someone who has a robotaxi. I don't know what the price should be but I assume it has to do with the cost of the investment to program this plus a markup. Fortunately no one has to buy it. I bought mine in January and look forward to the day it is self driving. It'll be well worth the $7,000 to me when it is.
I was on the fence forever if I was going to get it or not. I’m so glad my wife talked me into it. I’m buying technology as much as I’m buying a car. The money is spent and now I enjoy knowing I’m getting all the software updates. I’m not expecting the car to go pickup the kids at school anytime soon but I love being along on this ride.
Once again Tesla changes the price of software to try to pull revenue into a quarter. FSD has been at least 4 prices since I got my car in mid 2018. I believe once was even free with new car purchase.

Exactly, that is what this is about yet again. Trying to drive revenue without deliverables. So glad I did not spend a dime on this as I will likely have sold my 3 before it has any real practical function.
It's a pity that Tesla is so slow on delivering FSD. I really love and enjoy the autopilot. It reduced the burden of my daily commute driving by like 80%. Couple consistent phantom brakes each way but I can live with that. If Tesla can make the FSD truly useful I'd seriously considering shelling out $7k.


Dec 20, 2018
It's a pity that Tesla is so slow on delivering FSD. I really love and enjoy the autopilot. It reduced the burden of my daily commute driving by like 80%. Couple consistent phantom brakes each way but I can live with that. If Tesla can make the FSD truly useful I'd seriously considering shelling out $7k.
You'll never get that opportunity. By the time it is truly useful, it will cost a lot more than $7k.

Potentially >$100k (yes that is ridiculous but that is what Elon is saying)

Eno Deb

Active Member
Aug 17, 2018
SF Bay Area
Musk's announcement of the price increase is just good old "fear of missing out" marketing in an attempt to make the Q2 numbers look better. They have done this several times before.

Personally I think the $5k I paid for EAP in 2018 were absolutely worth it, because it can reduce stress significantly on long trips and in bumper-to-bumper traffic. All the features they have added since are pretty much worthless IMO. I still couldn't resist buying the EAP to FSD upgrade when it was briefly offered for $2k last year, although by then it was pretty obvious that they weren't anywhere near something that would justify the name "full self driving". So in total I paid $7K as well, but at least most of that was spent on EAP at the time. If I had gotten the basic Autopilot for free like the current cars, and had paid $7K just for FSD, I'd probably kick myself.

As for further development, I wish they'd shelf the "full self driving" pipe dream for a while and work on making highway Autopilot robust enough for a level 3 mode (i.e. no constant supervision required under good conditions).

But hey, at least for my $2k I got upgraded to a new computer that can show little traffic lights on the screen. :eek:
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You'll never get that opportunity. By the time it is truly useful, it will cost a lot more than $7k.

Potentially >$100k (yes that is ridiculous but that is what Elon is saying)

The way I'm confident that there is no way Elon can charge $100k for future FSD is that other car manufactures are catching up fast. Tesla probably will stay ahead of other cars for a short future, but there won't be a Tesla monopoly on self-driving cars. The choices for us will only become more and better.
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Jul 12, 2012
Absolutely. I think this feature should be mandatory on all new cars, just like airbags.

Lots of markets agreed are making it mandatory. Japan was the first market, with it being mandatory from November 2021. The USA didn't make it mandatory, but in 2016 there was already an agreement with the top manufacturers to include it by 2022.

40 car markets agree to make automatic brakes mandatory

U.S. DOT and IIHS announce historic commitment of 20 automakers to make automatic emergency braking standard on new vehicles

Lots of new vehicles already have it.


Active Member
Mar 3, 2020
My humble opinion is that Tesla will flat out not have robo taxis anytime soon so dreaming about using your car to make money is just that, a dream. I hope I'm wrong about that, but I don't see it with the current hardware. Look at diplomat33's post on the list of recommended features required to achieve the level automation needed. Waymo will very likely get there first, and it will start in geofenced areas first like it is now.

Tesla will achieve something in between L2 and 3. I'll call it 2.5 which will allow travel from home to work and back with supervision. YMMV when it comes to amount of supervision required. Some folks will get lucky and require little and others will require more.

I believe phantom braking will go away for the most part with speed limit recognition and precision mapping;and object recognition will improve with the code rewrite. Whether they get to L3 is anyone's guess. L4? Not with the current hardware. Level 5 is out the question for pretty much everyone until the infrastructure to support such needed reliability and precision is in place. IMO, robo taxis will be L4 for a long time to come.

As for the price of FSD? It's worth it if they at least reach level '2.5' which is doable. 100k? It would have to be a least L3 and even then, no way! Especially with the competition heating up. With all that said, I have no regrets getting it. And would recommend anyone on the fence who can afford it to jump on the bandwagon. Elon loves to make wild promises, but he is too vocal right now which leads me to be believe they've got worthwhile improvements coming down the line.


Devil’s Advocate
Dec 31, 2019
some say the next big autopilot update is supposed to correct all of the issues..phantom braking for shadows on highways, sun issues, smart summon being retarded, etc
I've noticed a new type of phantom braking. False positive intersections while driving on highway makes for violent deceleration from typical highway speeds. Need a toggle to turn this OFF on limited access highways.


Active Member
Apr 22, 2017
Elon did mention in April that Reverse Summon would come later this year so Reverse Summon is definitely a possibility, especially when Tesla finishes the rewrite that should make seeing curbs easier across multiple cameras. Of course, I expect the first version of Reverse Summon will be "beta". That is how Tesla rolls out new features.
Beta for sure. It will be a long time before I would trust reverse summon in anything but an empty parking lot.

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