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Tesla Trade - Denver/St Louis

I realize this is a bit last minute, but I'm visiting Denver by plane* next week, and I'm wondering if I could work out a trade so I wouldn't have to rent a silly gas car. I live in St Louis and own both a 2012 Sig Red P85 and a 2018 Black Model 3. Either one could be yours for a week whenever you next visit the St Louis area if you're interested. I'm interested in *any* Tesla I can get my hands on, or possibly even a Chevy Volt or something else. I land in to Denver on Wednesday 4/25 at 12:40, and leave 4/30 at 8pm.

*Normally I would just drive (I have been to Denver twice in my S), but my friend wanted to fly, and offered to pay for the plane tickets, so I couldn't say no.

If you're interested, feel free to reply here, send me a PM, or e-mail me - first name "john", last name "vonbokel" - [email protected]