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Wiki Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable


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Jun 28, 2018
They managed to get an estimated 104.3m shares out of 130m according to Factchecking. If 104m only pushed the price up 5%, why would the final 25m? These can be spread out over time if needed.
104m shares didn't push the price up 5%. It seems that 695 was a set price agreed by hedge funds, big money, MM, and whoever is setting end of market orders. That's why a gigantic buy was exactly at 695 in a split second. I think of this almost as a company buy out. The buy out share price is pre determined to be 695, not more and not less.


Dec 12, 2015
Phuket, Thailand
I’m living in Phuket, Thailand now and here the US market hours go from 9:30 pm to 4:00 a.m. It is very hard to sleep knowing TSLA volatility, but I drifted off for about the fourth time just minutes before the close and woke up later in the morning to see the spectacular finish. What a jolt! Just. Wow!

But, I must confess I’m a little frustrated today because I put in a limit order at 700 to sell a little less than half my shares to fund the purchase of an amazing sea view villa here. So close! I hope I wasn’t too greedy and will get a chance for the order to execute on Monday. I’m going to be disciplined and stick with my planned share number/price point order, but damn it will be annoying if the share price recedes on Monday and I let that five dollar delta stand between me and a TSLA-funded dream home. It’s not a Kruggerand-level purchase, but it sure is a nice villa ON an island!

Here’s hoping that those predicting some inclusion buying pressure remains come Monday are right and my order executes. Even if it doesn’t and 700 does not get breached for awhile, I will try to be philosophical about it and take comfort in the fact that other buying opportunities will certainly arise.

Happy Holidays and thanks to all of you in this special community for great information arbitrage, investing wisdom, timely humor and the psychological support to weather the volatility storms that have been such a significant part of the TSLA story to date.




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Aug 12, 2014
So a few more days of fun daytrading where index funds finally are allowed to buy the stock with the highest return and great that they get to buy at ATH! Thanks for waiting for the price to appreciate before adding it S&P500! Then we are back to investing waiting for Q4 deliveries, Q4 ER, FSD public release, track Model Y MIC ramp, Giga Berlin stamping trials, Texas progress etc etc.


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Jun 27, 2019
@JusRelax @MP3Mike @zach_

Who were the ones that looked at VOO's reported holdings at the end of this week and used it for some calculations? Can you point me to where you found it?

This is what I found on Vanguard's website:

VOO 1.jpg

And it has TSLA nearly perfectly balanced in accordance with the other top 4:

VOO 2.jpg

However, it states this on the website:

Institutional investors authorized to create Vanguard ETF® shares for the marketplace were required to deposit the following securities with Vanguard to purchase a creation unit of this ETF fund on the date specified. An authorized participant redeeming shared of this ETF fund on the same date would receive the same securities in the amounts shown.

In other words, these aren't VOO's actual holdings as of this date. Don't bother running calculations on these numbers, because these are supposed to be perfectly balanced now that TSLA is in the S&P.


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Oct 13, 2016
If ARK sold today in the cross, would it be in their trade book?

Conviction or bag holding? Monday will be exciting. :D


Jun 11, 2020
Actual 30-yr CAGR on my house: 5%
Actual 3-yr CAGR on my TSLA: 150%
Would have payed handsomely to be houseless... :p!

you’re making homeless people look suspect.

Gordo says 2020 Tesla sales in Vatican City have fallen by 100% since last year. Apparently one of the Bishops took home delivery last year. :)

the sales of short shorts on the other hand. Wait, I don’t want to know.


Mar 23, 2020
Jacksonville, Florida
I sold some shares at "market on the close" and it executed at $695. Thanks to all here for all your great wisdom. I never knew that was a thing until I learned it here. I buy and hold and that's about it.

No you're not a buy and hold. You are a Trader, admit it! :)

I'm sure you will be buying those shares back in the next week or two when the sell off happens.


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Oct 13, 2016
No you're not a buy and hold. You are a Trader, admit it! :)

I'm sure you will be buying those shares back in the next week or two when the sell off happens.

Totally possible to be fluid between hodler and trader.

Long term positions, short term positions, retirement account positions. Short puts, long defensive puts, long calls, short calls.

The only forbidden action is "dirty short selling".


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Apr 6, 2016
Southern California
That could be fairly soon. The same company that chooses S&P components, essentially does the same for the DJIA.

Ever since the 2009 General Motors bankruptcy, the DJIA has not had a carmaker as a component. One is really needed to make the DJIA more reflective of large companies in American industry.

However, another stock split may be required. Unlike the market cap weighted S&P 500, the DJIA is weighted by share price. TSLA shares are currently priced far higher than any of the DJIA components. If it were in the DJIA at its current price, it would be too great of an influence on the average.
I would be willing to let Tesla multiply my shares to allow consideration for inclusion into the DJIA

Dan Detweiler

Active Member
Apr 21, 2016
Canton, Georgia
Tommy didn't want to be friends with Jimmy and wasn't being nice to him.

As punishment, Tommy's parents told him he had to trade toys with Jimmy, and it was Jimmy's choice.

Jimmy's siblings were confident they could score Tommy's Playstation for some scraps.

Instead Jimmy traded their Legos for Timmy's stupid Barney dolls.

It was at that moment they realized Jimmy was actually a stupid &!?%* robot that didn't understand economic game theory.
The really sad thing is that I'M STILL LOST!!!



Supporting Member
Supporting Member
Sep 16, 2016
We are down to only 2 Model 3's. Replaced one with a Model Y, which I love! I sold that one Model 3 to a friend at a good $5k under market just because he really wanted one and could not quite afford it. I have found myself to be extra generous lately, probably because of our (meaning all of us here on this thread) good financial success.
That's really nice of you.


Jun 11, 2020
The Dutch December sales (through 17) are 2444 Model 3s, which number is over double the number of the runner up in the BEV category (8638) and the total cars category (14641).

That is 59% BEV, by the way. Reason: change in the BIK rules, so it will not be maintained. Hope the average is 20% for the year. Ignoring covid, that would mean 1% less sale in gas next year. Great!

December is the best month for Tesla this year (again), but you already knew that.

Artful Dodger

"Ducimus, lit"
Aug 9, 2018
Who sold them all and why did they collude to hand them over cheaply?

Yeah, shares weren't handed over "cheaply" today. $33 premium of NOCP ($695) above the final ticker price ($662ish). On ~120M shares, that's $4 billion worth of "not cheap"... :p

Moreover, this SP is extremely close to the fair market value I estimated based on a micro-economics "supply'n'demand" model ($671 equilibrium price). Published here on Mon, Dec 14 (4 days in adv.) then discussed extensively in subsequent comments:

#227027 "AD Supply'n'Demand Model for TSLA shares - SP Equilibrium $671"


Closing Price in today's After-hrs Session? $677 :D


Don't fret the future. "If you stare at the ditch, that's where you'll end up".
TSLA is up 730% YTD. Whatever problems come up, Elon and team will handle it. Enjoy this win! As a top 6 player in the S&P 500, Tesla is now in the BIGS!



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