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Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable


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Jan 23, 2019
You may yet see your 10% if they trigger the stops at 2xSpartas...

Come on Nasdaq! Take the dump we've all been waiting for ;)

(Not to come off the wrong way cause not the best etiquette to be rooting for lower share prices. But I think this really needs to happen for the stock to move forward. I already have all of my chips(including calls) on the table back at 680-700/share price) so it's not like I'm benefiting from it going lower)


Dec 16, 2020
I think I will close my etrade and go out skiing for the day "year"


Vision without execution is hallucination
Mar 19, 2014
WA State
Bought the dip....... I’m peanuts for dry powder got 1 additional.... for the cause
Same here. Out of powder. We broke this morning’s low, as well as Feb 23rd. I’m not a technical guru, but that sounds bad and the bottom is much lower.:(:eek:

Edit: Sorry Elon, my MS Plaid+, CyberTruck, and LR MY purchases are all deferred indefinitely. At this rate, I’ll need to sell my 2011 Leaf, still on the original batteries, and start walking. Anybody willing to trade? Five shares? /s

I really think this is that big moment of truth where ALL people in finance as well as retail decides what is a big deal and what isn’t.
Paging @Artful Dodger for QOTD. Seeing this price action, I thought about hiding in a hole today, but instead I’ll start planting the garden because I might just need that food to survive.
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Aug 17, 2012

Curt Renz

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Mar 5, 2013
Fed Chair Powell Notes:

- Congress has given them two goals: max employment and price stability
- Today: economy began to recover may'20 with good progress into beg fall; then progress slowed with winter covid; still a long way from goal;
- Good reason to see job creation pick up (10MM fewer people working vs before COVID)
- Inflation: currently running below 2%; to move up as economy reopens and surge in spending; have tools to anchor long run inflation at 2%
- Max employment: wants to see wages moving up, gains in employment are broad based across demographics (labor force participation metric) rather than relying on unemployment metric (excludes people who have stopped looking for work for various reasons - company closed, etc)
- Does not think that max employment will be achieved this year, employment recovery hasn't happened yet
- Asset purchases will continue at current level until substantial actual progress towards goal - it would take some time to achieve
- Economy is a long ways away from raising rates
- If they do see what they believe a transitory increase in long term inflation: he expects the Fed to be patient
- As it relates to bond markets: would be concerned if they see disorderly market or liquidity tightening
- Fed policies are outcome based (ie. wait for actual conditions to occur before raising rates)
- Expects inflation to raise on re-opening but views this as transient (one time event)
- Intends to use tools to anchor long term inflation at 2%
- High inflation is very bad - hurts people with low/fixed incomes; Fed will not allow this to happen as with previous Fed administrations in the 60s/70s
- Missed last 3 mins (had to pee)

TL;DR: Asset purchases and low rates to be maintained until max employment has been achieved. Fed to use tools to peg long term inflation at 2%. Short term/transitory inflation is not a concern. Watching bond markets carefully will act if market is disorderly or liquidity is constrained - suggests they will observe, along with a broad range of markets, before acting. Fed will fight high inflation.

I guess he stayed on point and didn't say anything inflammatory in either direction. Bond yields increased during speech on perceived lack of Fed intervention?

10-yr treasury yields spiked up dramatically during Powell's speech. That may have been due to his seemingly only moderate concern regarding those yields, perhaps implying that the Fed won't soon be buying back those bonds. So poof go the Nasdaq and growth stocks like TSLA. Nevertheless, if TSLA rises from here, the notion of a bullish double bottom may still be intact.


Feb 28, 2019
I had a dream last night where Doug DeMuro was reviewing a Cybertruck. He was showcasing what was described as boat-mode, when a seal gave out, the cabin filled with water, and it sank like a rock. Prior to that, he had shown an access panel on the side of the bed that opened to reveal a set of disc-changers inexplicably labeled with Adobe's Creative Cloud logo...

In retrospect, it may have been a premonition re: price action.


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Nov 25, 2012
Think we actually have a macro problem that is hard to manage:

Bonds and stock market both started at tremendously high levels and are moving together.

Bonds look like they could crash much more.

Same for stocks.

Large institutions traditionally set one off against the other. When stocks get blasted their bond portfolio goes up. And vice versa. Now this is not happening.

Large institutions are obligated to meet certain standards regarding their value at risk (VAR).

Usually they can meet these thresholds by switching money back and forth from bonds to stocks.

But in situations like these with both going down they can only reduce risk by raising cash. And the more that the markets go down, the more cash they have to raise.

This plays out at some point, but we started at record high bonds and record high stocks. Do not know when this stops.

But the volatility will go both ways tremendously, IMO.

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